MINELRES: EUJS: Parliament of the Religions 2004 - Building new Bridges

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Thu Nov 20 18:19:43 2003

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European Union of Jewish Students 
To whom it may concern,

In relation to the next EU of Jewish Students' seminar in Budapest which
will be bringing together young Romans and Jews from all over Europe, I
am glad to send you some documents about the Parliament of the Religions
of the World 2004 which be held in Barcelona next July. 

This unique international interreligious gathering offers an engaging
and promising forum to: 
- Deepen our spirituality, and experience personal transformation;
- Foster mutual understanding and respect, and learn to live in harmony
in the midst of diversity;
- Recognize the humanity of the other, and broaden our sense of
- Seek peace, justice and sustainability, and actively express our
willingness to work for a better world.

And, in fact, in coming together to listen and to commit, this gathering
itself will be a pathway to peace.

You will find all these information in this website: 

Please donít doubt in getting in touch with us for more information.

Best wishes for your labour in "building new bridges".

2004 Parliament of the World's Religions - Local Secretariat
Parlamento de las Religiones del Mundo 2004 - Secretaria Tecnica Local
Parlament de les Religions del Mon 2004 - Secretaria Tecnica Local 
Mallorca, 285
E-08037 Barcelona
T +34 934 589 595
F +34 934 575 851