MINELRES: ECMI publication: Report #47. G.Holliday, Kosovo/a Standing Technical Working Group

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ECMI is pleased to announce the publication of the following report.

ECMI Report #47
Holliday, Graham. "Kosovo/a Standing Technical Working Group", Training
Workshop and Study Visit - Council of Europe. August 2003, 28 pp.,

A joint study visit and training workshop was organized by the European
Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) in collaboration with the Directorate
General of Political Affairs at the Council of Europe (CoE). This
workshop took place at the CoE headquarters in Strasbourg between 18 and
21 November 2002, and brought together approximately forty local experts
from Kosovo and sixteen officials of the CoE. The general aim of the
study visit/training workshop was to increase awareness of different
dimensions of the CoE's work on standard setting and technical
assistance in Europe, within the framework of building democratic and
inclusive institutions.
Special attention was paid in the training sessions of the workshop to
raising awareness of international standards on minority and human
rights legislation and protection, but provision was also made to cover
other aspects of democracy building that were of particular interest to
the project participants, such as evolving standards and good practice
in local governance, social cohesion and education. The workshop further
provided a forum for the participants to discuss the applicability of
these standards to the Western Balkans, and to the future development of
Kosovo in particular.