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ECMI FCNM Database Online

The ECMI Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities
Database aims to provide a comprehensive collection of materials on the
negotiation and implementation of the Convention. The imminent
conclusion of the first cycle of monitoring makes this a particularly
auspicious time to review progress. The Database enables scholars and
practitioners to gain rapid insight into the practice of governments in
the implementation of the commitment they undertook when becoming
parties to the FCNM. This project is placed in the context of a further
major ECMI venture: a scholarly article-by-article commentary of the
Convention produced by eminent specialists in the field of minority

The coverage of the Database includes:
- Full review of the negotiating history
- Consolidated overview of State Reports
- Comprehensive list of Advisory Committee Opinions
- Extensive presentation of Comments by States
- References to Committee of Ministers Resolutions
- Links to other related instruments

The Database covers the evolution of monitoring up to July 2003 and will
be regularly updated to incorporate recent events.

ECMI gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Framework
Convention Secretariat of the Council of Europe for this project.