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Activists in 38 European countries commemorate 'Kristallnacht'-pogroms

"65 years after the destruction of our synagogue, again nazis planned 
to destroy the center of Munich's Jewish life", says Charlotte Knobloch,
president of Munich's Jewish community. She reacted on German Neo-Nazis
who were planning a bomb-attack against the building-site of Munich's
new Jewish center on 9 November. The date for the attack was not chosen
by accident. On 9 November 1938 a vicious pogrom took place in Nazi
Germany, which is often seen as the symbolical beginning of the

On 9 November, non-governmental-organisations in 38 European countries,
coordinated through the UNITED network, commemorate the 'Kristallnacht'
pogrom, which is often seen as the symbolical beginning of the
Holocaust. They organize a.o. torchlight processions in Denmark and
Norway, big anti-fascist demonstrations in Greece and France, school
projects in Russia, Lithuania and Germany and exhibitions in Uzbekistan
and Belarus.

The strategy of finding scapegoats is not only historical, but used 
until today. With the enlargement of the European Union, a new group 
of people will become Europe's biggest minority: Roma. Roma are 
victims of discrimination, racism and prejudice in many European 
countries. In times of crises, Roma are used as scapegoats by 
politicians, media, as well as by the general public. Which is why 
this year's campaign wonders: "Who shall we blame now?". Which group 
will society focus on this time?

Additional Information:
UNITED for Intercultural Action is a network of 550 organisations all 
over Europe working against racism and fascism. Activities at the 
local level in the framework of the campaign around 9 November are 
carried out by
organisations from 38 countries. The campaign is co-ordinated by the 
UNITED International Secretariat. A full list of activities is 
accessible on http://www.unitedagainstracism.org ('campaigns'/ '9 
November'). Please contact the
UNITED office for further information. We will be happy to supply you 
with contact information of an organisation near you that is involved 
in this year's campaign.

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