MINELRES: New WSIS Portal for Human Rights

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Wed Nov 12 16:50:43 2003

Original sender: Human Rights Internet <gebre@hri.ca> 

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) represents an unique
opportunity for the international human rights community to give shape
to a global information society built upon social justice.  Human Rights
Internet (HRI) has taken the initiative to create a portal to help
promote human rights at the WSIS.  To facilitate this, and to
incorporate a rights-based approach to the WSIS dialogue, HRI has
compiled official WSIS documents, articles and position papers on human
rights and the information society and other related links concerning
human rights and ICTs, and mounted them onto one easy to navigate

To visit HRI's WSIS portal visit http://www.hri.ca/WSIS/.  The site can
also be accessed via the HRI homepage at http://www.hri.ca/ by clicking
onto our Thematic Programs.  The WSIS portal is part of a new HRI theme
concerning information technology and human rights.  Along with access
to the WSIS information, this section also offers links to other HRI
programmes, such as the NetCorps Internship Programme, HRI's Internet
Training Programme and the Human Rights and Technology E-Docs section.