MINELRES: ECMI New Publications (November 2003)

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ECMI New Publications

ECMI is pleased to announce the following five new publications.

Perry, Valery. ECMI Working Paper #18. Reading, Writing and
Reconciliation: Educational Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
September 2003, 106 pp., appendix (ISSN 1435-9812)
Download:  http://www.ecmi.de/doc/download/working_paper_18.pdf

Poleshchuk, Vadim. ECMI report #49. Towards Linguistic Diversity
Management in the Baltic States. August 2003, 25 pp., appendix.
Download: http://www.ecmi.de/doc/download/Report_49.pdf

Martynuk, Vadim. ECMI Report #50. The role of the Interethnic
Factor in the Development of the Kaliningrad Region. August 2003, 43

Wolff, Stefan. ECMI Working Paper #17. The Ethnopolitical Dynamics of 
Elections. September 2003, 27 pp., appendix (ISSN 1435-9812)
Download: http://www.ecmi.de/doc/download/working_paper_17.pdf

Wolff, Stefan. ECMI Report #48. "Kosovo/a Standing Technical Working
Group", Training Workshop: Regional Integratin in the European Union and
Western Balkans. August 2003, 12 pp., appendix.
Download: http://www.ecmi.de/doc/download/Report_48.pdf