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Gallup survey reveals massive intolerance and prejudice in Romania
Kolozsvar / Cluj 29/10/03 by Aron Ballo

A survey has found that 81.1% of Romanians are against ethnic Hungarians
using their mother tongue in their contact with local administration and
46% disagree with state financed education in Hungarian in Romania. The
survey also reveals that 30% of Romanians believe that they 'should not
mix with other nations’ and that ‘people of a different ethnicity than
Romanian should leave Romania’ (13%). Furthermore, 26% were of the
opinion that ethnic Hungarians should move to Hungary.

State and union intransigence as Diwan Breton-medium schools face cash
Bruxelles / Brussel 28/10/03 by Davyth Hicks

The Diwan Breton bilingual immersion schools are facing a cash crisis
and will not be able to pay their teachers until 2004. Speaking
exclusively to Eurolang, Anna Vari Chapalain, Diwan Director, called on
all those 'who believe that a language should be allowed to live and who
believe in linguistic diversity’ to support Diwan.

OSCE publishes guidelines on the use of minority languages in the
broadcast media
Baden 27/10/03 by Margret Oberhofer

‘I intend to use the guidelines in the situation where you have
minorities in tense situations, in endangered positions and where there
are majority-minority frictions. I will bring these guidelines out and
try to get them realised,’ stresses Rolf Ekeus, High Commissioner on
National Minorities (HCNM) from the Organisation for Security and
Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in an interview with Eurolang. He was
speaking on Saturday at the OSCE conference on ‘Use of Minority
Languages in Broadcast Media’ in the Austrian town of Baden, close to

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