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Valencia Ciutat (Spain) June 3 2003

Dear friends, 
Allow us to present to you Valencianlanguage.com - the International
site dedicated exclusively to the Valencian language with web versions
in English, Spanish, French, German and Valencian.  
The Valencian is a romance language spoken by more than 2 million people
in the historic Kingdom of Valencia, which is located on the
Mediterranean coast of Spain. It's official according to the article 7.1
of the Valencian Statute of Autonomy and it's included in the Spanish
Declaration of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.
In spite of it's a language discriminated by those who wants to impose
the Catalan or the Spanish in Valencia.
In www.valencianlanguage.com you will found:
* E-books: in different languages, to consult on-line or to download in
zip-pdf file to your computer.     
* Articles and Statistics: to know the current opinions about the
* Map and links about the Minority Languages of Europe and the
linguistic organisations.
* News and books about the Valencian language & the European languages. 
* Resources & Bibliography: to know more about the Valencian language. 
* Links: All the institutions, organisations and publishing houses
related to Valencian. 
Valencianlanguage.com is a project of the Language and Literature
Section of the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture (RACV) for the
exterior promotion of the Valencian language. 

We hope that our contents will be of your interest. Thank you for visit

Many thanks for you attention and interest, 

Staff of Valencianlanguage.com 

The full list of Valencian language links with descriptions in English
can be consult at Valencianlanguage.com
We will be very grateful if you add to your web site the links about the
Valencian that you consider to be opportune and adapted for your web
site. Thanks!