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Dear Colleagues,

You may be interested in this new report by Saferworld, that is now
available on our website at: www.saferworld.org.uk

Saferworld Publication Announcement
'The Caucasus: Armed and Divided - Small arms and light weapons
proliferation and humanitarian consequences in the Caucasus'

This publication is a collective monograph that brings together the case
studies of local experts in the Caucasus focusing on the region's
conflicts, the relationship between conflict and levels of arms
possession and the effects of small arms proliferation there since the
break up of the Soviet Union. It also considers the ways in which new
security actors emerged in the Caucasus and how societies in the region
address the issues of personal and collective security. It also includes
a chapter on Russia's policy towards the small arms issue in the
Caucasus. The case studies demonstrate that there is no single problem
with small arms and light weapons but rather that each area has its own
specific 'problems' such as unresolved conflicts, state weakness, crime
and trafficking as well as a range of external factors.

For more information or to receive hard copies of this report please
contact, Anna Matveeva, Head of Arms and Security - Eastern Europe
Programme, on amatveeva@saferworld.org.uk or on +44(0) 207 881 9290.

Yours sincerely,

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