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Milli Mejlis has adopted amednments to the Language Law

At the yesterday's session of Milli Mejlis, the draft law on amendments
in Art.6 of the Language Law was discussed. Informing the deputies about
the document, the committee chairman M.Anar pointed out that, according
to the document submitted to the parliament by the head of state,
announcers of all TV and radio channels established on the territory of
Azerbaijan and broadcasting in the state language, must have perfect
knowledge of the state language and fine articulation. "Movies and
broadcasts dubbed on radio and TV channels must correspond to officially
established lingusitic norms. The law takes effect on the day of its
adoption". Deputies unanonimously voted for adoption of the amednments
in Art.6 of the Language Law. 

Kiamil Khamzaoglu
Source: "525 Newspaper", 11 June