MINELRES: More on national minorities in Poland: Cashubians

MINELRES moderator minelres@lists.delfi.lv
Fri Jun 20 16:48:33 2003

Original sender: Paulk Kask Szczepta <paulk@zk-p.pl>

According to information given by Mr Swiderek, I would like to add:
- there are 5100 Cashubian-nationality people, but:
- the Census in Cashubia was falsified, too. There were a lot of people
who had no possibility to declare Cashubian nationality. In Lebork
region the census officers said: "We have instructions from the regional
selfgovernment not to write Cashubian", in Kartuzy region people were
not asked about it, and the officer could write what he wanted.
- some officers said: "it's better for you or easier... to write
polish". Now there're comentaries like: "If I only knew..."
- a lot of people didn't know that is was possible and legal to write
Cashubian nationality/language
- there was only one protest sent by Cashubian-Pomeranian Association
complaining that in Bytow region people were not allowed to write
Cashubian home language.

The Cashubian movement now is waiting for the data about home language,
because it should be more reliable.

Pawel Szczypta