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European Roma Information Office (ERIO) 

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"Future of Roma Policy"

June 10, 2003

The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) is based on equal
partnership, and offers an opportunity for EU and Roma representatives
from all over Europe to discuss the extraordinary complexity of
challenges facing Romani communities and also European Governance in the
expanded Europe.  

The subject of our dialogue will be the "Future of Roma Policy in
Europe" and will take place at ERIO headquarters, on June 16, 2003,
Avenue Edouard Lacomble 17 - 2nd floor, 1040 Bruxelles from 10.00AM to

Ahead of the EU Accession process there is a possibility that "social
cohesion" will never become a reality in our societies. 

Europe is at risk of being divided by new walls along ethnic lines.
Front and center among those persons being left outside Europe's new
security and prosperity are the Roma. In many countries, Roma have been
living as "virtual citizens" without exercising their basic human
rights. To redress the long and hard experience of Roma requires
considerable attention, careful analysis, and development of specific
policies and commitment of adequate resources. 

The ERIO would like to encourage EU representatives, policy makers, and
Romani representatives to exchange their viewpoints on this very urgent
matter, and make an effort to find a common approach and take adequate
measures to improve the situation of Roma and give them the opportunity
to participate equally within a diverse Europe. This chance was lost for
centuries but it is an inevitable prerequisite to tackle the social,
legal and economic deprivation of Roma, otherwise our societies will pay
a far higher cost later on. 

The ERIO believes only through dialogue and communication involving all
stakeholders can effective and positive change in the Romani communities
of Europe become a reality.     

The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) is a transeuropean
organization, which aims at intensifying the political and public
discussion on Roma by providing factual and in-depth information as well
as promoting Roma rights in the whole European society. ERIO is not a
fundraising nor a grant-giving organization, but, rather an advocacy
organization which promotes the inclusion of Roma and their equal
participation within European societies. ERIO can execute its activities
based on funds provided by Cordaid, Stichting Doen and Kerk in Actie and
has a promise to be funded by the Open Society Institute as well.

For more information contact:   
Joeri Hamvas  ERIO administrator 
Tel. + 32 273 33 462