MINELRES: Bulgaria: Human Rights Project's 2002 Report on Human Rights of Roma

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Fri Jun 13 09:07:02 2003

Original sender: Emil Cohen <emilcohen@mbox.cit.bg>

Dear friends,

Please, find enclosed the Annual Report of Human Rights Project titled:
"Annual Report of the Human Rights Project on the Situation of the Human
Rights of the Roma in Bulgaria in 2002".

>From MINELRES  moderator: the full text of the report (127 Kb in .doc
format) will be sent to everybody interested by request. Boris


Human  Rights Project  was  established in  the  summer of  1992 as  a
non-profit  organization  focusing  on  monitoring  the  human  rights
situation of  the Roma in Bulgaria,  and on legal defense  in cases of
serious  human  rights  abuses.  The  HRP monitors  the  human  rights
situation of  the Roma community in Bulgaria  and reports on the cases
which it  had investigated;  works with Roma volunteers  from all over
the  country  who report  on  the  human rights  observation in  their
region;   conduct   independent   extrajudicial   investigation   into
allegations of  human rights violations against  Roma; hire lawyers to
take  up selected  cases and  monitors the  process of  legal defense;
advocates   legislative  and   policy  changes   in  favor   of  Roma.

Rumian Russinov  is  Chair of the Board  of HRP;Dimitrina Petrova  and
Nikolai   Gouginski    are   members   of   the  Board;  Emil  Cohen
emilcohen@mbox.cit.bg is Executive Director.

Our  address:  23  Solunska  St.,  6th floor;  1000  Sofia,  Bulgaria;
Tel./fax: (+359 2) 986 35 46 and (+359 2) 981 50 66;

E-mail: hrproject@mbox.cit.bg and hrp@netel.bg