MINELRES: New Book: The Limits of Nationalism, by Chaim Gans

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Dear colleague,

I'm happy to announce the publication of my The Limits of Nationalism.
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Chaim Gans


This book discusses the justifications and limits of cultural
nationalism from a liberal perspective. Chaim Gans presents a normative
typology of nationalist ideologies, distinguishing between cultural
liberal nationalism and statist liberal nationalism. Statist
nationalisms argue that states have an interest in the cultural
homogeneity of their citizenries. Cultural nationalisms argue that
people have interests in adhering to their cultures (the adherence
thesis) and in sustaining these cultures for generations (the historic
thesis). Gans argues that freedom- and identity-based justifications for
cultural nationalism common in literature can only support the adherence
thesis, while the historical thesis could only be justified by the
interest people have in the long-term endurance of their personal and
group endeavors. The Limits of Nationalism examines demands often made
in the name of cultural nationalism, such as claims for national
self-determination, historical rights claims to territories and demands
entailed by cultural particularism as opposed to cultural


1. Nationalist ideologies - a normative typology; 
2. The liberal foundations of cultural nationalism; 
3. National self-determination; 
4. Historical rights and homelands; 
5. Nationalism and immigration; 
6. Nationalism, particularism and cosmopolitanism; 
7. Conclusion.