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Original sender: Milan Kosanovic <mkosan.mzs@uni-bonn.de>

Dear members of the Balcan Academic Newsgroup,

We would like to present to you the Southeast European Minorities
Network: Southeast European Minorities Network (see-minorities) aims at
the improvement of communication between different scholarly projects,
persons and institutions, dealing with problems and questions connected
to the field of minorities in Southeast Europe. It will provide
information about scholars and institutions active in the field and will
hopefully bring people from Southeast Europe as well as from other
places of the world together to plan new projects, ask new questions and
start new research. We are planning to establish a network of scholars
from regions all over Europe. This network is supposed to enhance
research abilities and knowledge about minorities in Southeast Europe as
a collective. We are thus trying to make the network ³work as a net² ­
as a means of communication and as a platform for mutual projects;
projects that can be really conducted together. See-minorities suppose
to enhance communication, knowledge transfer and academic team work into
a European dimension.

This kind of networking should become a part of your research, your
communication with other scholars, your search for information and your
platform of exchange of thoughts.

Please have a look at http://www.see-minorities.org/index.htm. All
information about organizational structure (go to about) and content of
the network as well as news can be found there.

You can find our members (go to members) with contact addresses and
information about their field of research. Also most of them proposed a
project (go to projects) that should to be the textual resource of
mutual projects the network wants to conduct together.

You can find information about our activities and also contribute to the
network by taking part in our discussion (forum ­ discussions), by
enriching our research bibliography (forum ­ bibliography) and by
reviewing books concerning any topic connected with minorities in
Southeast Europe (forum ­ reviews). We will also announce all relevant
dates of conferences, call for papers etc. (forum ­ dates). You can find
our publications and order them directly via internet. We hope, that you
find our informationıs and aims interesting and would like to ask you to
participate in this kind of academic communication.

If you like to become a member, please fill out our
application/registration form
<http://www.see-minorities.org/assets/forms/ApplicationForm.doc>  (you
can find that also in the web under
http://www.see-minorities.org/members) and send it to us.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Kind regards

The Coordinators
Anke Hilbrenner and Milan Kosanovic

e-mail: hilbrenner@see-minorities.org or kosanovic@see-minorities.org


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