MINELRES: Call for support to anti-discrimination law in Bulgaria

MINELRES moderator minelres@lists.delfi.lv
Tue Jun 3 11:07:40 2003

Original sender: Iskra Stoykova <baht2000@rtsonline.net>

Dear friends,
We would like to call for your support for the draft antidiscrimination
law in Bulgaria that has been developed with the cooperation of the NGO
sector in Bulgaria, including a large number of Roma NGOs.  It has been
sent to the National Assembly by the Council of Ministers on September
16, 2002 but its further movement has been locked by the Chair of the
National Assembly - Mr. Ognian Gerdzhikov. 
Now there is a new draft anti-discrimination law that has been developed
within the National Assembly, which represents a curtailed version of
the law developed with the participation of the NGO sector. Key
regulations that guarantee the practical application and the
effectiveness of the protection have been erased. Moreover, regulations
which fulfil imperative requirements of the Directives 2000/43 and
2000/78 of the EU have been  removed.
Just for an illustration, in the newly developed draft law all specific
prohibitions of specific discriminatory practices in the field of labor,
education and provision of services have been eliminated. 
Therefore, we would like to call for your massive support of the draft
anti-discrimination law (of September 16, 2002) in the form of
statements of support sent to the Prime Minister, the Chair of the
National Assembly, the President and the Council of Ministers.
Please find the e-mail addresses, to which you can send you statements.
primeminister@government.bg - Prime Minister Simeon Sakskoburgotski
press@president.bg - President Georgi Purvanov
infocenter@parliament.bg - Bulgarian Parliament
IPRD@government.bg - Council of Ministers
Major Parliamentary Groups in the Parliament:
ndsv@nt14.parliament.bg - National Movement Simeon II - the majority
parliamentary group
SDS1@nt14.parliament.bg - Democratic Powers Union
bsp1@nt14.parliament.bg - Coalition for Bulgaria
ONS@nt14.parliament.bg - Movement for Rights and Freedoms
We would like this action for support to continue for approximately one
month so that it could have an impact on the institutions.
Finally, we would like you to sent copies of your e-mails to
so that we could show proof of our international support.