MINELRES: New Mailing List 'InterPhil' for Intercultural Philosophy

MINELRES moderator minelres@lists.delfi.lv
Wed Jan 29 13:21:23 2003

Original sender: Bertold Bernreuter <bernreuter@polylog.org>

Dear Colleagues,

The new mailing list "InterPhil" provides a news board on events,
publications, and further information from a broad field of
intercultural philosophy. This includes news from comparative
philosophy, interculturally oriented cultural and religious studies and
related disciplines.

Typical messages should be event announcements, calls for papers,
information about recent publications or employment opportunities, that
are relevant to intercultural philosophy. Thematic inquiries or
contributions for discussion are welcome on the web based discussion
forum of the e-journal "polylog: Forum for Intercultural Philosophizing"
(www.polylog.org). The list is maintained by polylog.

Further information can be obtained directly from the list's webpage.
There is also a form for subscribing:

Yours sincerely,
Bertold Bernreuter

Forum for Intercultural Philosophizing