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>From theory to practice: the European Charter for regional or minority
languages - Noordwijkerhout, November 2001 (Regional or minority
languages No. 3) (2002)
De la theorie a la pratique: la Charte europeenne des langues regionales
ou minoritaires - Noordwijkerhout, Novembre 2001 (Langues regionales ou
minoritaires Nú 3) (2002)
The conference provided participants with the opportunity to take the
pulse of regional or minority languages, not only where the charter has
been ratified and is presently being implemented, but also where states
are preparing for future signature and ratification. The role of local
and regional authorities in the context of the charter was recognised
and it was emphasised that they could contribute significantly to its
success. Finally, certain legal aspects of the charter were examined,
including the extent of its flexibility as a legal instrument and the
mandate and structure of the committee of experts on the charter, which
now has a key role in the protection of regional and minority languages.

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