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The protection of national minorities by their kin-state (Science and
technique of democracy No. 32) (2002)
La protection des minorites nationales par leur Etat-parent (Science et
technique de la democratie nú 32) (2002)
The passionate and at times virulent discussions ensuing from the
adoption by Hungary, in June 2001, of the Act on Hungarians living in
Neighbouring Countries dramatically revealed that too little attention
had been paid until then by the international community to the
phenomenon of the concern of certain states for their kin-minorities.
The Venice Commission was called upon to fill this gap. This volume
contains the report on the preferential treatment of national minorities
by their kin-states, the proceedings of a colloquy on the same subject
organised by the Commission in June 2002 as a follow-up to the report,
as well as a collection of the existing national legislation on

Also published
Minorities in international law, by Gaetano Pentassuglia (2002)

ISBN : 92-871-5082-6 / 92-871-5082-6
Format : 16x24, 420 / 420 pages
Price / Prix : 28 E / 42 US$

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