MINELRES: Radio Prague: Right-wing extremists disperse after demonstration banned

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News JANUARY 11th, 2003

By: Jan Velinger

Right-wing extremists disperse after being told demonstration banned

A demonstration by right-wing extremists that had been set to take place
at Prague's old Jewish quarter Josefov Saturday evening, evoking strong
protests from local Jewish organisations, has been called off. Several
dozen right-wing supporters met on Franz Kafka Square at about five
o'clock, but dispersed after a representative from Prague's city hall
told the demonstrators the march had been banned and that police at the
scene would prevent them from going further. Meanwhile, close to one
hundred representatives from the Jewish liberal union, as well as other
anti-fascist groups, and local anarchist organisations, met in the
historic Jewish quarter, prepared to intervene if the right-wing
extremists had marched into the area. In the end there were no
incidents, and police did not have to act. Originally, the organisers of
the demonstration pretended they meant to honour victims of the
Holocaust; afterwards it came to light they had intended to protest
against Israel instead.

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