MINELRES: First On-Line Courses from the TRANSCEND Peace University

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First on-line courses offered by TRANSCEND PEACE UNIVERSITY (TPU)

Johan Galtung, the Rector of TPU and TRANSCEND's founder and Director
invites you to join students from around the world online. TPU is the
educational branch of TRANSCEND: A global peace and development
network.  Our common goal is: "To bring about a more peaceful world by
using action, education, networking and research to handle conflicts
with creativity, nonviolence and empathy". Since 1996, over 200 on-site
workshops have been offered for over 4,000 participants around the
world, using the manual "Conflict Transformation By Peaceful Means,"
published by the United Nations.

Galtung is widely known as the founder of the academic discipline of
peace research.  He has published over 100 books and 1500 articles,
taught at many universities throughout the world, and mediated in over
50 major conflicts around the world over the past four decades.  Taking
a course with the founder of a new discipline is like taking an
economics course with Adam Smith, calculus with Isaac Newton, or
medicine with Hippocrates--a unique opportunity.

>From February 2003, TPU will offer six 15-weeks on-line courses:
* Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means         Johan Galtung
* Global Conflicts and Nonviolence               Joergen Johansen
* Peacebuilding and Empowerment       Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen
* Peace Journalism                Jake Lynch & Annabel McGoldrick
* Peace and the Arts                               Olivier Urbain
* Nonmilitary Aspects of Security                Dietrich Fischer
More courses will be added later, also in other languages

TPU aims at government and NGO practitioners and students at any level.
Courses are both skills and knowledge intensive.  There will be
certificates for single courses, diplomas for clusters of courses and
eventually BA, MA and PhD degrees. Participants may combine online and
onsite courses.

Starting Date: February 3, 2002
Deadline for Registration: January 20, 2002
Cost per Course: Euros 500 (or US $500 from the USA only)
(We cannot offer scholarships at this time, but encourage those
unable to pay to seek funding from organizations or foundations.)

For more information and course syllabi go to www.transcend.org/tpu
with a staff to handle information, applications, payment of fees,
course related questions, and computer problems.
Email <tpu@transcend.org>,  Fax +40-264-180-988
Tel +40-724-380-551 (or  +40-744-708-091, or +40-744-776-797).

You can register online at www.transcend.org/tpu, or send your
name, address, phone number, email address, the course which you
wish to take, and 100-200 words about your background, future plans
and reasons why you wish to take the course to <tpu@transcend.org>.


Wishing you a happy and peaceful new year, Dietrich Fischer