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January 2003 Edition of the Grassroots Good News

Table of Contents:
1) Training on the Job in Cameroon
2) Promoting Fair and Ecological Daily Diet
3) Hope for Albania
4) Pedal Energy
5) Youth Competition against Fascism and Violence


5) Youth Competition against Fascism and Violence

The German Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) is running a competition to
show young people how the Internet can be used against violence.
Entrants are asked to tackle a topic such as National Socialism or
extremism in detail and design a website about it, which can go on to
win a prize. "The idea is that young people learn how to deal with these
issues and at the same time learn how to spread their message of
opposition to violence, also through this medium", says Ulrich
Duetemeyer, director of the KAS in Hanover. Competition winners will be
awarded prizes which include trips to Washington and Amsterdam.

The 27th January, the day of liberation from the Auschwitz concentration
camp, is a day of commemoration for the victims of National Socialism.
To mark the occasion of this remembrance day, young people are invited
to design their own website, which will be put on the Internet and can
win a prize. The website should contain a historical evaluation of
National Socialism and should focus in particular on issues such as
violence, extremism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism. For example, the site
could feature: accounts of a visit to a memorial, interviews e.g. with
contemporary witnesses, book reviews, pictures, stories etc.
Source: www.denktag.de

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