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Grant Deadline: 2003-02-01  
Date Submitted: 2002-10-30 
The Program on Global Security and Cooperation (GSC) of the Social
Science Research Council announces the 2003 competition for research
grants to qualified teams of two or more scholars and/or practitioners
who currently reside or work in places where there are long-standing,
intractable, or widespread violent conflicts. 


These grants are designed to support new perspectives and approaches to
understanding and ameliorating the root causes of conflict in those
regions. The GSC Program is particularly interested in applications
proposing innovative forms of collaboration between researchers from
different professional backgrounds such as academics, NGO activists,
journalists, lawyers, and others. 

The research team should submit a joint proposal with one person
designated as the principal investigator. The proposed research project
should contribute to the generation or exchange of new perspectives,
knowledge and data about underlying causes of violent conflicts. The
project should also address the practices, policies, and politics of
actors involved in conflict prevention and in the processes of
peace-building, peacemaking or 
peacekeeping. Additionally, the research project should facilitate the
creation of networks, and other forms of intellectual exchange. It
should also include an effort to reach broader audiences, for example,
through research reports, published articles, edited volumes, web sites,
workshops or symposia for the public dissemination of research findings.
The Global Security Program will, where appropriate, assist in the
dissemination of research findings. 


The grant is for a period of 4-6 months. 
The starting date for the grant period is September, 1, 2003. 
The maximum award is $12,000. 
A written final product is required. 

The person designated as principal investigator should have professional
experience related to understanding or ameliorating the causes of
violent conflict. 
The principal investigator should speak, read, and write English at a
level that allows for intellectual exchange between grantees. 
Applicants should either reside or work in a zone of conflict. 
There are no nationality or citizenship restrictions. 
The SSRC particularly encourages applications from women. The SSRC does
not discriminate on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, marital
status, national origin, race, gender, or sexual orientation. 


Applications can be submitted jointly by two or more individuals. 
Applicants should submit the following 4 items in English: 

A double-spaced proposal - typed in 12-point font and no more 
than 2,500 words in length - describing: 
The central research question and a brief discussion of relevant
literature on this topic 
Why research on this particular problem is important and necessary 
Links between the research team and other researchers, institutions, and
networks working on the same or related topic 
How project findings will impact policy and practices in the area of
conflict and peace studies 
The activities required to carry out the investigation 
A detailed timetable for the completion of the project 
A budget, not to exceed $12,000 in total, detailing and justifying all
anticipated expenses using any or all of the following categories: 
Research activities, including travel, access to publications, and
networking costs (up to $10,000) 
Research stipends, intended to allow members of the research team to
work on this project full time (up to $4,000) 
Equipment (up to $2,000) 
Translation and dissemination of research results (up to $2,000) 
Please note: This budget cannot include institutional fees, taxes, and
indirect or overhead costs. 

Curriculum Vitae for all team members, each of no more than 3 pages
Current address and contact information including e-mail 
Nationality, gender and date of birth 
Personal and professional experience relevant to research on conflict
and peace processes 
Educational level attained 
Professional positions and responsibilities 
Languages and level of proficiency in each 
Recent publications 
Two letters of recommendation, each from a senior researcher or
practitioner who knows the research team members well and who has
expertise related to the proposed research project. Letters must be
sealed with the referee's signature over the seal. 


All application materials, including letters of recommendation, should
arrive in one envelope and MUST BE RECEIVED by February 1, 2003 at the
following address. 

Awards will be announced in June 2003. 

Social Science Research Council 
Program on Global Security and Cooperation 
2040 S St NW 
Washington, DC 20009 

Phone: 202-332-5572 
Fax: 202-332-9051 
Email: gsc@ssrc.org 
Visit the website at http://www.ssrc.org/fellowships/gsc