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Minorities in international law (2002)
Minorities in international law (2002) Disponible uniquement en version

With a focus on developments following the end of the cold war, this
publication, the first in the Handbook on Minority Issues series, offers
a comprehensive and critical overview of the issue of minorities in
international law.
Aspects covered in separate chapters include: the definition of
"minority"; legal protection of minorities as developed by the Council
of Europe, the United Nations, the Organisation for Security and
Co-operation in Europe and the European Union; as well as minorities and
as well as self-determination. A good deal of practice is considered,
including the jurisprudence of judicial and quasi-judicial bodies such
as the Council of Europe's European Court of Human Rights and the United
Nations Human Rights Committee.
Addressing many central issues of topical concern, the book will be of
interest to human rights scholars, students of international law and
international relations, as well as to non-governmental organisations
and other institutions involved in minority issues.

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