MINELRES: Slovakia: Roma Mainstream Media Internship Program 2003

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Mon Feb 17 10:53:21 2003

Original sender: Lenka Praznovska <lenka.praznovska@gmx.net>

Dear all,

the Center for Independent Journalism Slovakia is launching fifth year
of Roma Mainstream Media Internship Program. Please find the detailed
information below. If possible, distribute this information to those who
may be interested. Thanks for help.
Best regards
Lenka Praznovska


Centre for Independent Journalism is launching fifth year of Roma
Mainstream Media Internship Program. The program seeks to provide
opportunities for twelve young Roma with at least secondary education to
develop careers in the mainstream media and to thus promote mutual
understanding between Roma and non-Roma in Slovakia and to foster the
development of pluralistic reporting in media taking account of minority

The full-time program integrates classroom and newsroom training.  The
interns are assigned to work in professional newsrooms under the
guidance of a mentor for 25-30 hours per week based on their interests,
talents, and capabilities after a three-month intensive course.  In
addition to the newsroom training throughout the year, the interns
attend bi-weekly journalism training courses with professional Western
and Slovak trainers in Bratislava.  Interns also have the opportunity to
learn basic radio and television production techniques during special
week-long courses at the Centre for Independent Journalism in
We also organise fieldtrips for the interns to become more familiar with
places and events outside of their home country.

The interns receive a stipend for their participation in this highly
competitive program.  By the end of the ten-month program, the interns
will be prepared to embark on a career which had been traditionally
closed to them.

For further information, please call: 00 421 2  529 22 708  or 
write to: off@cenezu.sk