MINELRES: First Project on Roma Rights in the Caucasus

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First Project on Roma Rights in the Caucasus

The implementation of the project "Protection Center for Roma Population
in Georgia" took start on June, 2002. 

The aims of the project are:

- Protection of Roma Rights in Georgia; 
- Establishment of an information database; 
- Holding of seminars, trainings, and conferences for people and
organizations interested in the protection of national minorities; 
- Legal consultations  free of charge for Roma; 
- Publication of various bulletins and other materials; 
- Searching for materials on Roma Rights, gathering them and creating a
- Supporting  the education of Roma and  identifing their needs; 
- Monitoring violations of Roma Rights and to reveal their living
- Preparation of recommendations for governmental bodies and for
international and other organizations regarding the situation of Roma in
- Support of NGOs and sustainable groups of Roma working on such issues.

Informational booklets has been prepared about the project. It is
determined for people interested in Roma problems, NGOs and other

In addition, respective announcements have been put in the bulletins of
other NGOs and in mass media. In the information there were mentioned
the address and the phone number of the organization were the interested
people could contact.

Several meeting have been arranged with the experts working on the
issues of national monitories. They shared their experience with project
participants about national monitories, as well as about the
organizations and the people, potentially busy with Roma problems. The
above mentioned meetings made easier to expose the existing problems and
needs of Roma people in Georgia. Members of monitoring groups began
social polling and Roma needs assessment. 

The process of polling still continues. Roma group have been inquired at
their compact location, to be exact, in Tbilisi, Rustavi,
Gardabani/Gachiani, and Kutaisi. 

Inquiries are done with the method of questionnaire, which is handled by
a professional sociologist having a big experience.  

The polling aims at exposing the problems that Roma people have in
Georgia, such as their living conditions, education, employment,
relation with governmental structures and law enforcement bodies, etc.
We provide legal advice and consultation on different issues.

The creation of data base is in process. It will include all the
information about Roma population in Georgia (information from
governmental bodies such as Parliament, Department of Statistics,
Penitentiary Department of Justice Ministry, Ministry of Education,

We desire to support the creation of Roma ensemble and their cultural
center in Georgia as well as to support their NGO capacity building and
their creation.

The report on Roma rights in Georgia will be ready at the end of the
project, in June, 2003. In addition with the real description of the
situation, it will imply recommendations for the government which should
be implemented in this field.

The Project is financed by the World Bank's Small Grants Program.

Best wishes,
Ucha Nanuashvili
Executive Director

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