MINELRES: OSCE - Teaching of Romani history and culture

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Tue Feb 11 08:25:41 2003

Original sender: Sally Holt <Sally.Holt@hcnm.org>

Dear colleagues,

With reference to the request for views on the teaching of Romani
history in schools, allow me to refer to the report of the OSCE High
Commissioner on National Minorities on "The Situation of Roma and Sinti
in the OSCE Area" which discusses the incorporation of material on
Romani history and culture into general curricula, as well as into
education programmes initiated by Roma themselves ( See in particular
pp. 81-84 ). The summary of the seminar which launched this report
likewise makes brief reference to this issue ( at. p. 27 ). 
Both reports can be downloaded from the High Commissioner's website at: 

Should you require a hard copy please contact Ms. Karen Foley at

We hope that these references may be of interest to all of you !

Best regards,
Sally Holt
Legal Officer
Office of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities