MINELRES: Query: Romani writings on human rights violations

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Fri Feb 7 09:54:02 2003

Original sender: Margaret Hagan <mdhagan@uchicago.edu>


I am writing a research paper comparing how violations of Romani human
rights are represented by human rights organizations and by Romani
authors and storytellers.

I have an abundance of human rights reports about specific occurrences
of violations, but I have very little Romani literature discussing
specific instances of human rights abuses.  I have collected a great
deal discussing general poverty and discrimination, but very little that
describes particular events, ( i.e., being evicted, encountering
employment discrimination, skinhead attacks, or police abuse ).

If anyone has any such literature narrating specific instances of human
rights violations, especially that from Eastern European Roma, I would
appreciate very much if you could pass it along.  I can read English and
Hungarian, so only writings in these languages are relevant.

Thank you very much,
Margaret Hagan <mdhagan@uchicago.edu>