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New publication

Christoph Pan / Beate Sibylle Pfeil

Minderheitenrechte in Europa

Handbuch der europäischen Volksgruppen, Band 2

Ethnos 61, Braumueller Verlag Wien 2002

XXX +586 pages. ? 59,90. CHF 105.-

language: German

The coming into force of two instruments under international law at the
beginning of 1998 marked the dawn of a new era in the field of minority
protection.  For the first time, a general system of minority protection
was to find application in Europe, one in which most of the states of
Europe had already begun a speedy and exciting process of development in
this area.

The recent publication Minderheitenrechte in Europa ("Minority Rights in
Europe") contains a current assessment of the minority rights that have
existed, have been newly brought into existence, and are being realized
in thirty-six European states.  In addition, the attempt is made to
evaluate whether the results of legislation have also corresponded to
the original goals.

The book has been conceived as a reference work which is designed to
provide important information to all those interested in research,
politics, and administration in as speedy and targeted a manner
possible. Furthermore, it contains overviews in table form and diagrams
with a current ranking of the European states in the area of minority
protection.  Added to this, there is a glossary in which important terms
and those that are not generally common are explained.  As Volume 2 of
the Handbuch der europäischen Volksgruppen ("Handbook of European
National Minorities"), this work is a continuation of the book published
by the same authors in 2000, Die Volksgruppen in Europa. Ein Handbuch
(that will be published in an updated version in English in 2003 under
the title National Minorities in Europe: A Handbook) in which aside from
the issue of national minorities from the general perspective under
international law, their empirical dimensions are presented.