MINELRES: John Smith Fellowship Programme

Emily Carr minelres@lists.delfi.lv
Mon Feb 3 09:16:00 2003

Please can you post the following message on your bulletin board:


 We are currently seeking applications from potential candidates for our
2003 Fellowship Programme, to take place in June/July next year.

The Programme targets young leaders of high calibre from the former Soviet
Union working in politics, local government or civil society with an
established interest in promoting democratic values.

The six-week programme provides carefully-tailored training, broadly
consisting of an induction period in Edinburgh; followed by a two-week
residential course at a Scottish university; a two-week individual
attachment to an organisation relevant to each fellow's background, interest
and action plans; and one week of professional appointments in London. A
follow-up seminar in-country is held 6 months after the fellows' return in
order to evaluate action of their follow-up plans.

I would be grateful if you could encourage any suitable candidates to apply.

Applications are invited from the following countries:

 - Armenia
 - Georgia
 - Kyrgyzstan
 - Moldova
 - Russia
 - Ukraine

Information on our recruitment criteria, details of applications and
deadlines can be obtained from the British Council website:


Thank you.

Emily Carr
Assistant to the Director
John Smith Memorial Trust