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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

June 1999

30/6/99International Helsinki Federation IHF press release on Azerbaijan6k
30/6/99Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: UNHCR Press Release: Crimean Tatars' citizenship4k
29/6/99Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Great New Service for NGOs!3k
29/6/99Felix Corley Workshop identifies human rights issues in central, eastern Europe6k
28/6/99CIPDD Georgian press digest: excerpts4k
28/6/99Felix Corley Fwd: Query: Telephone Directories from the former Yugoslavia4k
27/6/99Orthodox Christian Mission Center Fwd: Antidote to the Radioactivity of Hatred3k
26/6/99Avinty Lanaikey Questions from Moravian-Silesian activist3k
26/6/99Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: HR-education: Develop your own resource packets3k
25/6/99Irina Gasparyan Help needed to Assyrian Youth Center in Armenia2k
25/6/99CIPDD Georgian press digest: excerpts5k
24/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Council of Europe on Illegal Activities of Sects4k
24/6/99Tatjana Peric ERRC Press Statement on Balkan Roma Conference on Peace and Security12k
23/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Inventing national identity, Le Monde Diplomatique20k
22/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Exodus of Kosovo Serbs: Postwar Refugees10k
22/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Bosnian Faxletter No 6618k
21/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Increasing Ethnic Tensions in Serbia and Montenegro3k
21/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Serb NGOs: Two New Appeals8k
19/6/99Aleksej Dimitrov Minority issues in Latvia, No. 35k
19/6/99Natalie Belitser Ukrainian NGOs' parallel report of the Programme of Action2k
19/6/99Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol III, No. 244k
18/6/99Burkhard Luber Skill Improvement Courses for NGOs3k
18/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor AI: 1999 Annual Report for the Balkan Countries2k
16/6/99RFE/RL List Manager Fwd: RFE/RL Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine Report (excerpts)6k
16/6/99Tatjana Peric Lawsuits Filed by Roma Challenge Racial Segregation in Czech Schools13k
16/6/99International Helsinki Federation IHFs "Annual Report 1999"7k
15/6/99Claude Cahn ERRC Report: Roma and Czech Schools9k
15/6/99Vassil Karloukovski Leader of Bulgarian minority in Yugoslavia faces military court3k
15/6/99Aleksej Dimitrov Minority issues in Latvia, No. 24k
14/6/99Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Position announcement: OSI - Program Assistant5k
14/6/99Roma National Congress RomNews Network posting4k
13/6/99Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Seminar on Tolerance and Human Rights in Prague13k
12/6/99Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol III, No. 236k
12/6/99CIPDD Georgian digest: excerpts13k
11/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Long Range Regional Cultural Strategy for Balkan8k
11/6/99Lucian Branea Re: Romania Confronts Transylvanian Separatism2k
10/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Romanian Helsinki Committee Answers Serb, Greek and Bulgarian NGOs8k
10/6/99Eldar Zeynalov Letter to Serbian NGOs6k
10/6/99Felix Corley Romania Confronts Transylvanian Separatism7k
9/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Controversy About the Serb Helsinki Committee10k
9/6/99Jekaterina Dorodnova International Research Project on OSCE HCNM8k
9/6/99Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings9k
8/6/99Claude Cahn New ERRC Board of Directors3k
8/6/99Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Annual Conference of IACERHRG2k
8/6/99Larysa Denisenko Request on texts of ECHR judgements2k
7/6/99CIPDD Georgian digest: excerpts3k
7/6/99Paulette Layton Forced Migration Monitor, May 1999, No. 293k
7/6/99Eldar Zeynalov Re: BHHRG report on Yugoslavia2k
6/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Another Serbian Response to NHC and IHF6k
6/6/99Aleksej Dimitrov Minority issues in Latvia, No.14k
6/6/99Felix Corley Fwd: Abkhazian Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 1518k
5/6/99Joost van Beek BHHRG report on Yugoslavia1k
5/6/99Zidas Daskalovski Can anybody help?2k
5/6/99Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol III, No. 226k
4/6/99Nadir Kamaldinov Declaration of the Caucasus NGO Forum6k
4/6/99Natalia Ablova Re: Letter to the IHF and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee2k
4/6/99Maja Nazaruk Query: privatization of NGOs?1k
3/6/99Felix Corley Karelia: Indigenous Languages Endangered3k
3/6/99Snezama Trifunovska New publication on former Yugoslavia3k
3/6/99Andre Kamenshikov North Caucasus NGO Monitor - May8k
2/6/99Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Invitation to join Global Human Rights Education listserv4k
2/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Letter to the IHF and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee5k
2/6/99Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings: Czech Republic11k
1/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Soros on Yugoslavia15k
1/6/99Greek Helsinki Monitor European Appeal for a Peaceful Solution of the Kosovo Crisis11k
1/6/99Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol III, No. 215k