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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

June 1998

30/06/98Felix Corley Turkey: Laz Minority Passive In Face Of Assimilation5k
30/06/98Joost van Beek Fwd: Document: Banja Luka Mayor on the Ferhadija mosque10k
29/06/98Ramaz Rekhviashvili Georgian human rights NGO needs help5k
29/06/98Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings5k
28/06/98Felix Corley Council of Europe to continue Russia monitoring4k
27/06/98Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: NATO science programme4k
26/06/98Greek Helsinki Monitor 1998 IHF Annual Report8k
26/06/98Raafat S. Toss Budapest Conference: Civil Society, Internet and CEE5k
25/06/98Judy Young Re: Dagestani passports1k
25/06/98Dimitrijs Alehins Special Meeting in Budapest5k
25/06/98Claude Cahn Roma Rights: Spring 1998 issue3k
24/06/98Felix Corley Dagestan introduces passport inserts3k
24/06/98MINELRES moderator Transitions Vol.5, No.63k
23/06/98Greek Helsinki Monitor 1998 Amnesty International's Reports3k
23/06/98Anatoly Azarov New address of the Moscow School of Human Rights3k
22/06/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Kosovo: Amnesty International's Recommendations10k
22/06/98Eldar Zeynalov Links to the non-profit organizations in CIS2k
21/06/98 Daniel Pop European Commission: funding suspended10k
21/06/98Eldar Zeynalov Izvestiya and NG about the murder of Azeri in Moscow5k
20/06/98CIPDD Georgia: press digest5k
20/06/98Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings5k
19/06/98Felix Corley Mayor of Gostivar imprisoned: CLRAE mission to Skopje3k
19/06/98Lucie Horakova CHC Report on the state of human rights1k
18/06/98Andrei Arjupin Amendments to the Estonian Law on citizenship3k
18/06/98Felix Corley CoE rapporteurs in Baku, Yerevan and Nagorno-Karabakh4k
18/06/98MINELRES moderator ECMI recommendations on implementation of the Framework Convention21k
17/06/98Mehmet Tutuncu Karaim Home Page2k
17/06/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Book on "Hate Speech in the Balkans"2k
17/06/98Dimitrijs Alehins Conference in Riga3k
16/06/98Cecil Ballantine More on Kyrgyz cyanide spill2k
16/06/98Felix Corley Could there be Caucasian riots in Moscow?8k
12/06/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Helsinki Committees Call for International Force in Kosovo5k
12/06/98MINELRES moderator Re: TransCaucasus: A Chronology: May 19982k
11/06/98Felix Corley OSCE HCNM visit to Georgia5k
11/06/98Magda Opalski Fwd: Human Rights Advocates Training Program at Columbia Univ.5k
10/06/98MINELRES moderator TCDS-ECEP bulletins Nos 28,292k
9/06/98MINELRES moderator PER Bulletin No.133k
9/06/98Kosova Crisis Center Kosova daily report # 14546k
8/06/98MINELRES moderator IPRA Newsletter - next issue3k
7/06/98Greek Helsinki Monitor & Minority Rights Group - Greece Greece: Violations of freedom of expression5k
6/06/98Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings9k
6/06/98Britt Elliott Fwd: Call for Papers: Education and Civic Culture5k
5/06/98MINELRES moderator Latvia: non-citizens' NGO struggles for recognition8k
5/06/98Anna Markina Case Study Writing Grant2k
4/06/98Frank Steketee RE: CEU-IPV Advanced Course for Trainers on Human Rights1k
4/06/98Tanya Smith Website on establishment of International Criminal Court2k
4/06/98Cecil Ballantine Re: Komtor-Canada's poisoning of Issyk-Kul Lake4k
3/06/98Britt Elliott Komtor-Canada's poisoning of Issyk-Kul Lake1k
3/06/98MINELRES moderator Re: CEU-IPV Advanced Course for Trainers on Human Rights3k
3/06/98Cathy Gormley Call for Information: Country Reports for the former Yugoslavia2k
2/06/98Natalia Ablova Seminar on conflict resolution in the area of water management6k
2/06/98Felix Corley Human Rights Conference in Armenia2k
2/06/98Kosova Crisis Center Interview with Veton Surroi8k
1/06/98Cathy Gormley Call for Applications: position offered2k
1/06/98MINELRES moderator Russia: Human rights commissioner elected 3k
1/06/98Natalia Ablova Kyrgyzstan: Press Freedom in May 19987k