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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive


30/06/97MINELRES moderator Refugees and Migration in Central and Eastern Europe - CHRF publication
28/06/97MINELRES moderator Re: Naturalisation in Latvia?
26/06/97Ivan Jaworsky PROGRAM INFO.- Central Asian Uyghur Information & Project Center (fwd)
26/06/97Gennady Katyk Conference on Crimean Karaites
25/06/97Andre Liebich Naturalisation in Latvia?
24/06/97MINELRES moderator RFE/RL: Roma in Central/Eastern Europe
24/06/97Ivan Kuhn EU and minorities
23/06/97Ivan Kuhn Re: EU and CoE emblems?
23/06/97Christian Wellmann Re: EU and CoE emblems?
22/06/97MINELRES moderator "Transitions": the last issue
19/06/97Ivan Kuhn Re: EU and CoE emblems?
18/06/97Ivan Kuhn Re: EU and CoE emblems?
18/06/97MINELRES moderator EU and CoE emblems?
17/06/97MINELRES moderator US Dept of state reports on human rights
17/06/97Leanna Hordichuk CHRF NGO Website
16/06/97Arthur Kosten Ercomer: search all online information by keyword
14/06/97MINELRES moderator FIER: new director appointed
13/06/97MINELRES moderator 'On the content of minority right' by John Packer
12/06/97MINELRES moderator The latest issue of the OSCE ODIHR bulletin
11/06/97Natalia Ablova New court verdict on Res Publica
10/06/97Adam Burgess Research association on civil society in CEEC
10/06/97MINELRES moderator Latvian HR Committee - on main events in Latvia in 1996
8/06/97MINELRES moderator European Nationality Convention adopted
8/06/97Ivan Jaworsky PROG. INFO - Center for Conflict Management, Almaty
6/06/97MINELRES moderator War Report - latest issue
6/06/97MINELRES moderator Info about NGOs/research instutions needed
4/06/97Arthur Kosten New address for ERCOMER website
4/06/97Mikhala Stein International Alert report on Lezgins
3/06/97Natalia Ablova Journalists imprisoned in Kyrgyzstan
2/06/97MINELRES moderator Caucasus Email Calendar 5/97 (excerpts)
1/06/97MINELRES moderator Excerpts from The Crimea Update - new publication