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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

July 1999

29/7/99MINELRES moderator List matters4k
29/7/99Aleksej Dimitrov Minority issues in Latvia, No. 56k
28/7/99CIPDD Georgian press digest: excerpts4k
28/7/99Nils Muiznieks Human Rights in Latvia2k
27/7/99MAHA Fwd: Lithuania: Close Pabrade detention camp4k
27/7/99Avinty Lanaikey Seeking IKEL members2k
26/7/99Roma National Congress Recent RomNews postings6k
26/7/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Greece: Public Appeal for the Recognition of National Minorities and the Reactions7k
25/7/99Felix Corley Stepashin in Ukraine: Ethnic and Language Issues3k
25/7/99Cathy Cosman Re: RFE/RL OSCE: Countries Supervised And Not (and comment)5k
24/7/99European Roma Rights Center ERRC Letter to Prime Minister of Spain11k
24/7/99Steve Olweean Relief Project and Intl. Peace Conference notices9k
23/7/99CIPDD Georgian press digest: excerpts4k
23/7/99Felix Corley RFE/RL OSCE: Countries Supervised And Not (and comment)9k
22/7/99Claude Cahn Roma Rights 2/99: Kosovo3k
22/7/99Sabirzyan Badretdinov Jehovah's Witnesses in the Altay Republic4k
21/7/99International Helsinki Federation Exodus of Serbs Undermines Ideal of a Democratic Kosovo5k
21/7/99Felix Corley OSCE HCNM on Language laws of Latvia and Slovakia4k
20/7/99Greek Helsinki Monitor An appeal on behalf of the Kosovar Roma community5k
20/7/99Ermakov Ukrainian NGO looks for cooperation2k
19/7/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Bulgaria: Minority religious activists condemn draft laws on religion11k
19/7/99Henrik Farkas Movement "Stop Conscription in Europe Now!"9k
18/7/99CIPDD Georgian press digest: excerpts10k
17/7/99Klemens Buescher New publication: OSCE Yearbook 19985k
17/7/99Claude Cahn ERRC Kovoso: Letter to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan12k
16/7/99Onnik Krikorian 17 July seminar on Armenian and Kurdish Genocides4k
16/7/99Greek Helsinki Monitor "Helsinki Commission" urges to protect Kosovar Roma6k
15/7/99Azer H.Hasret Azerbaijan: Trade Union of Journalists website2k
15/7/99MINELRES moderator CoE: New book on national minorities in Europe2k
14/7/99Aleksej Dimitrov Minority issues in Latvia, No. 45k
14/7/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Bosnian Privatisation according to National Quotas8k
13/7/99Felix Corley CoE Secretary General's statement on Latvian language law2k
13/7/99Roma National Congress What's happening with the Roma from Kosovo Balkan now?16k
12/7/99CIPDD Georgian press digest: excerpts8k
12/7/99Felix Corley Balkan religious leaders vow to fight hatred5k
11/7/99Vassil Karloukovski Fwd: End of book ban ignites debate in Macedonia4k
11/7/99International Helsinki Federation IHF Periodic Reports from the OSCE Region: March-Early July 19993k
10/7/99RFE/RL RFE/RL Watchlist: Lithuania and Poland disagree on minority issues4k
10/7/99International Helsinki Federation Notes on the Human Rights Situation in Montengro3k
9/7/99Tatjana Peric ERRC Reaction to the Finnish Government's Imposition of Visas4k
9/7/99Peter Sondergaard Appeal for help to find Kosova students8k
8/7/99Felix Corley Rompress: National Minorities Feel Well in Romania4k
8/7/99Michael Guet Re: New Project Proposal for Ukraine on Education and National Minorities2k
7/7/99Andre Kamenshikov North Caucasus NGO Monitor: June 199910k
7/7/99Larysa Denisenko New Project Proposal for Ukraine on Education and National Minorities4k
6/7/99Eldar Zeynalov Re: Azerbajan: case on insult of President3k
6/7/99Panayote Dimitras Kosovo Serb Refugees: Unimportant Detail or The Real Ethnic Cleansing?12k
5/7/99Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Azerbajan: case on insult of President5k
5/7/99CIPDD Georgian press digest: excerpts4k
4/7/99Kosova Crisis Center Provisional Government of Kosova and Kosovar Serb Leaders Seek End To Violence6k
3/7/99Ulrich Schneckener Documents on Kosovo autonomy2k
3/7/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Serbian HC: Website now hosted by IHF1k
2/7/99Eldar Zeynalov Armenians in Baku1k
2/7/99Claude Cahn ERRC Letter to the Interior Minister of Finland5k
1/7/99hCa Committee of Georgia New NGO association in Georgia2k
1/7/99Jesper Nielsen Minority Course 1999 in Aabenraa 2k