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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

July 2001

31/7/2001Eldar Zeynalov Azerbaijan: association of minority organizations established3k
31/7/2001UCSJ Bigotry Monitor, Volume 1, Number 517k
30/7/2001PATRIR Romania Peacebuilding, Conflict Transformation & Global Development Training Programme17k
30/7/2001Panayote Elias Dimitras Fwd: RFE/RL: Macedonia Criticizes Albania over Minority Brodcasts2k
29/7/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists13k
29/7/2001Stephen Humphreys EUMAP Call for papers5k
28/7/2001Self-Determination Crisis Watch New book: UN Mechanism for Self-Determination8k
28/7/2001Florian Bieber Fwd: New Book: Public Participation and Minorities, by Yash Ghai3k
27/7/2001Felix Corley Calls for Granting Turks Status of Ethnic Minority in Bulgaria7k
27/7/2001RFE/RL RFE/RL Russian Federation Report: Will Tatarstan become Russia's Quebec?8k
26/7/2001Institute for War & Peace Reporting IWPR's Caucasus Reporting Service, No. 91: excerpts13k
26/7/2001Petra Kovacs Fwd: MRG new report: Combating Racial Discrimination3k
25/7/2001Semih Vaner Publication: CEMOTI 31 on nationalism and ethnogenesis in post-Communist societies3k
25/7/2001Andris Aukmanis Fwd: RSC Research Fellowship in Int. Refugee & Human Rights Law11k
24/7/2001Rainer Ohliger Conference report: Comparative Perspectives on Ethnic Minorities in 20th Century Europe, Berlin, June 14-16, 200115k
24/7/2001Azer Hasret Azeri Jewish head says USA behind attempt to split community3k
23/7/2001Onno Seroo III Seminar on Self-Determination and conflict transformation, Geneva, 28-29 July 20014k
23/7/2001Serghei Ostaf Moldovan law on national minorities2k
22/7/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists11k
22/7/2001Mercator Mercator Bulletin n.46: Dossier on the model of protection of linguistic communities in Slovenia3k
21/7/2001European Roma Rights Center ERRC Letter to Slovene Minister of Interior13k
21/7/2001Andrei Arjupin Estonia restricts attitudes towards "illegal residents"9k
20/7/2001Institute for War & Peace Reporting IWPR's Caucasus Reporting Service, No. 90: excerpts12k
20/7/2001Ilya Trombitsky Moldova passes law on national minorities1k
19/7/2001European Roma Rights Center ERRC: Roma in the Macedonian Conflict14k
19/7/2001Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: BETA: Yugoslavia Will Respect Minority Rights Says Yugoslav Official3k
19/7/2001Petra Kovacs Fwd: RFE/RL: Bulgarian SDS Politicians Warns Against Coalition With Turkish Party2k
18/7/2001Azer Hasret Fwd: Azeri paper gives breakdown of country's population2k
18/7/2001Stephen Humphreys Fwd: Ethnic Policy In Latvia On Downward Trend4k
17/7/2001Petra Kovacs Fwd: CFP: working group on Democratic Governance of Multiethnic Communities4k
17/7/2001Rafal Pankowski Polish FA President Declares War on Anti-Racist Organisation5k
16/7/2001Philosophy Forum Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter No. 21 (excerpts)18k
16/7/2001Konstantin Kilibarda Re: Bulgaria: A Mob of Bigoted Orthodox Believers Have Attacked a Group of Evangelicals2k
15/7/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists14k
15/7/2001Ariel Eliyahu Fwd: NGO Training on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities, Strasbourg, 13-16 September 20015k
15/7/2001Marat Baratashvili Georgian/Meskhetian NGOs' appeal to the CoE Secretary General3k
13/7/2001Panayote Elias Dimitras Fwd: OMCT: The Roma in the Czech Republic: Report on the3k
13/7/2001Stefan Wolff Second Call for Contributions: Encyclopaedia of Ethnopolitical Groups3k
12/7/2001Felix Corley Poland closing door to foreigners with new legislation3k
12/7/2001Emil Adelkhanov Georgia: Jehovah's Witnesses apply to the European Court2k
11/7/2001Felix Corley UCSJ: Anti-Chechen Incidents and Attitudes Rising in Russia4k
11/7/2001Artis Pabriks New book: Latvia: The Challenges of Change1k
10/7/2001Azer Hasret Jerusalem Post: Mountain Jews in jeopardy6k
10/7/2001Nicola Markes-Goerlach FCNM: Two opinions of the Advisory Committee published5k
9/7/2001Felix Corley Roma in Czech Republic6k
9/7/2001Emil Cohen Bulgaria: A Mob of Bigoted Orthodox Believers Have Attacked a Group of Evangelicals4k
8/7/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists14k
8/7/2001Michael Guet 2nd Newsletter of Council of Europe activities "Roma under the Stability Pact"5k
8/7/2001Despina Dumitrica New website: NGOs dealing with minority issues in Romania2k
7/7/2001RFE/RL RFE/RL Newsline on minority issues4k
7/7/2001RFE/RL RFE/RL: More repercussions on Hungarian 'Status Law'4k
5/7/2001Volodymyr Kulyk Query: Two CIS Documents2k
5/7/2001Panayote Elias Dimitras Rolf Ekeus of Sweden takes up the post of OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities; Van der Stoel appointed Personal Envoy of Chairman-in-Office5k
4/7/2001Felix Corley Russian racism has foreigners in fear5k
4/7/2001Florian Bieber Fwd: European database for expertise on gender and ethnicity5k
3/7/2001European Roma Rights Center ERRC Press Statement: UN to Scrutinise Czech Republic's Human Rights Record8k
3/7/2001Florian Bieber Fwd: Conference Report: Minority Languages in Europe: Frameworks - Status - Prospects22k
2/7/2001Institute for War & Peace Reporting IWPR's Caucasus Reporting Service, No. 88: excerpts8k
2/7/2001Ariel Eliyahu IRU Web Site2k
1/7/2001Felix Corley Fwd: UCSJ: Weekly electronic newsletter on bigotry launched4k