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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

January 2002

31/1/2002Ariel Eliyahu New Roma organization in UK2k
31/1/2002Keston Institute Keston News Service Summary: 14-18 and 21-25 January 200217k
30/1/2002Serghei Ostaf New reports on Human Rights in Moldova2k
30/1/2002Sandra Aragon OHCHR ADU NGO Liaison Officer: Information Notes 8, 95k
29/1/2002UCSJ Bigotry Monitor: Volume Two, Number 4: content4k
29/1/2002Philosophy Forum Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter, Issue 23: excerpts19k
28/1/2002Emil Adelkhanov Materials of Abkhaz-Georgian conference, Sochi, August 20011k
28/1/2002Ariel Eliyahu IRU Parliament's Resolutions, January 20027k
27/1/2002RFE/RL RFE/RL Newsline on minority issues18k
27/1/2002MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists15k
26/1/2002UNITED E-NEWS: Calendar and European-wide Action Week 2002; EP looking for HR reports4k
26/1/2002Margret Oberhofer EBLUL sets promotion of linguistic diversity at the IGC 2004 as a main priority4k
25/1/2002UCSJ Bigotry Monitor: Volume Two, Number 323k
25/1/2002William McKinney Official Launch of the "ECMI NGO Network for the Improvement of Interethnic Relations in the Republic of Macedonia" and of the "ECMI Regional NGO Centres"4k
24/1/2002William McKinney ECMI Newsletter No. 10, January 20026k
24/1/2002Institute for War & Peace Reporting IWPR'S Caucasus Reporting Service, No. 112: Cossacks Menace Krasnodar Minorities9k
23/1/2002Sandra Aragon Fwd: Post-Durban Information Note 73k
23/1/2002Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Master degree programme in Peace and Conflict Studies6k
22/1/2002European Roma Rights Center ERRC Letter to Chief Prosecutor in Ukraine10k
22/1/2002Stephen Humphreys Latest articles posted and a new call for papers4k
21/1/2002Avinty Lanaikey Silesian Autonomy Movement announcement2k
21/1/2002Keston Institute Keston News Service Summary: Georgia & Turkmenistan11k
20/1/2002MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists11k
19/1/2002Lubomyr Luciuk New publications on Canada's Ukrainians7k
19/1/2002John Petersen Act on European Community Colleges5k
18/1/2002Joachim Frank IHF Statement about Intimidation Against the Macedonian Helsinki Committee4k
18/1/2002Aleksejs Dimitrovs Minority issues in Latvia, No. 4221k
17/1/2002Mercator Mercator working paper 5: Languages and institutions in EU3k
17/1/2002UCSJ Bigotry Monitor: Volume Two, Number 2: content3k
16/1/2002Stefan Wolff The global review of ethnopolitics: Vol. I, no. 2, December 20013k
16/1/2002Dominique Arel New book: Census and identity3k
15/1/2002Marat Baratashvili NGO seminar on experience of Crimean Tatars' repatriation in Bakuriani, Georgia, January 20022k
15/1/2002European Roma Rights Center ERRC Letter to Montenegrin Prime Minister7k
14/1/2002Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: Romanian Roma face "discrimination and police, say Council of Europe experts3k
14/1/2002RFE/RL RFL/RL (Un)Civil Societies on minority issues12k
13/1/2002MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists9k
12/1/2002Keston Institute Keston News Service Summary: Moldova/Transdniester & Turkmenistan7k
12/1/2002UCSJ Bigotry Monitor: Volume Two, Number 114k
11/1/2002MRG Budapest Training for Trainers in human rights education with young4k
11/1/2002Laurie Wiseberg Post-Durban Information Note 6 - Declaration and Programme of Action4k
10/1/2002UCSJ Bigotry Monitor: Volume One, Number 25: content2k
10/1/2002Teresa Crawford AdvocacyNet: Grant to boost information capacity of CEE Roma NGOs4k
9/1/2002Hal Robert Culbertson Kroc web update - December 20013k
9/1/2002Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: International Symposia on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution4k
8/1/2002Claus Neukirch Vacancy for researcher with UN or OSCE field mission background2k
8/1/2002Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Latest Issue of Diaspora Newsletter "Azeri Voice"2k
7/1/2002Dominique Arel CfP: CECOB/ASN Special Convention, Italy, June 200210k
7/1/2002Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: New website EWERS: Early Warning - Early Response System for the Caucasus1k
6/1/2002MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists6k
5/1/2002Eldar Zeynalov Azerbaijan signed European Charter on Regional and Minority Languages2k
5/1/2002Andy Cunningham Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs Fellowship2k
4/1/2002Aleksejs Dimitrovs Minority issues in Latvia, No. 4121k
4/1/2002Michal Pesta Essay contest of the EastWest Institute3k
3/1/2002Panayote Dimitras RFE/RL on Hungarian minority in Romania6k
3/1/2002John Petersen CfA: European Constitution debate: Youth 2002 summer event10k