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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

January 2000

31/1/2000Greek Helsinki Monitor BETA: Disagreement Between Montenegro and Novi Pazar Muslims2k
31/1/2000European Roma Rights Center European HR Court hear case of a Bulgarian Roma8k
30/1/2000UNITED List of Activities Anti-Racist Action Week2k
29/1/2000Markus Pape Czech Republic: New Act on Residence of Aliens2k
29/1/2000International Helsinki Federation Russia is Violating International Humanitarian Law in12k
28/1/2000Necmi Hasanoglu Re: Turkish paper sees Greek policy change on Thracian Turks3k
28/1/2000European Roma Rights Center Romano Centro Letter to the Austrian Chair of the OSCE8k
27/1/2000Vassilis Alexandris Turkish paper sees Greek policy change on Thracian Turks4k
27/1/2000Eldar Zeynalov E-NEWS: 27 January commemoration of liberation of Auschwitz4k
26/1/2000RFE/RL RFE/RL newsline: excerpts 4k
26/1/2000Petra Kovacs Call for papers: Policing in Central and Eastern Europe2k
25/1/2000Petra Kovacs Panel "Alternatives to Ethnic Nationalism: Before and After the War"2k
25/1/2000Nicola Markes-Goerlach Georgia signs the Framework Convention5k
24/1/2000Petra Kovacs Recent updates to the CEMES website5k
21/1/2000Emil Cohen Re: Conference announcements2k
20/1/2000Petra Kovacs Conference announcements3k
20/1/2000Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: International Student Symposium on Conflict Resolution3k
19/1/2000RFE/RL RFE/RL: Dispute over 'Multicultural University' Re-emerges in Romania2k
19/1/2000Panayote Dimitras Ecumenical Patriarch Speaks for Roma Rights3k
18/1/2000Petra Kovacs New publication: Design and methodology of skills-exchange workshops2k
18/1/2000Erika Komon Minority Youth Training Course Announcement14k
17/1/2000Institute for War & Peace Reporting IWPR'S Caucasus Reporting Service, No. 145k
17/1/2000Panayote Dimitras BETA: Serbian Citizens Dissatisfied with Ethnic Relations3k
15/1/2000Petra Kovacs TOL: Review of two Czech books on nationalism and minorities1k
15/1/2000Burkhard Luber Grassroots Good News / January 2000 Edition8k
14/1/2000Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings3k
14/1/2000Felix Corley Czech call for Office for Ethnic Equality and Roma Integration3k
13/1/2000Klemens Buescher Info: New Research Centre8k
13/1/2000Petra Kovacs Database of NGOs active in minority rights2k
12/1/2000RFE/RL RFE/RL on intolerance in Belarus and Ruthenians in Ukraine10k
12/1/2000Onnik Krikorian Armenian Weekly Launches Web Site6k
12/1/2000Lyutova Tatyana 2000 - 2002 Human Rights Lawyers Training Program15k
11/1/2000Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings3k
11/1/2000Andre Kamenshikov North Caucasus NGO Monitor10k
10/1/2000Panayote Dimitras GHM & MRG-G: Roma in the Southern Balkans2k
10/1/2000Roma National Congress US Mission to the OSCE commends HCNM5k
10/1/2000Petra Kovacs Fwd: Ethnicities: An International Journal8k
9/1/2000UNITED Refugee training seminar3k
9/1/2000Felix Corley Ministry of Justice warns Association of Belarusian Poles2k
9/1/2000Susan Brazier Moscow policies towards city's minorities13k