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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive


31/01/98Panayote Dimitras Press-Release: Article 19 and outrageous trials in Greece7k
31/01/98Fernand De Varennes Re: Czech Republic ratifies the minority convention (and a comment)2k
30/01/98Roma National Congress Romnews: Czech Republic ratifies the minority convention (and a comment)5k
30/01/98Francoise Girard Re: Estonian Minority Education Legislation1k
29/01/98Britt Elliott HR Watch Paper: Human Rights Mechanisms Under Attack3k
29/01/98Fernand De Varennes Re: non-discrimination regarding naturalisation8k
28/01/98John Packer Non-discrimination regarding naturalisation3k
28/01/98Fernand De Varennes Re: Legal conflict on language in Estonia3k
27/01/98Allison Mindel FM Alert, Vol. II, No. 45k
27/01/98The Legal information Centre for Human Rights in Estonia Legal conflict on language in Estonia5k
26/01/98Panayote Dimitras IHF Statement on Kosovo and Montenegro8k
25/01/98Andrei Arjupin Freedom of expression and NGOs: News from Estonia3k
24/01/98Will Kymlicka Citation for court case1k
24/01/98Claude Cahn ERRC Letter to Czech President Vaclav Havel5k
23/01/98Allison Mindel FM Alert, Vol. II, No. 35k
23/01/98Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Georgian press on Meskhetians3k
22/01/98Andrei Arjupin Estonian considering citizenship moves ...4k
22/01/98Roma National Congress Romnews Network - recent postings4k
21/01/98Fernand De Varennes Estonian Minority Education Legislation2k
21/01/98Claude Cahn Positions available with ERRC2k
20/01/98Allison Mindel FM Alert, Vol. II, No. 26k
19/01/98MINELRES moderator Transitions: January 1998 issue4k
18/01/98MINELRES moderator Naturalization and statelessness (was: Re: FM Alert, Vol. II, No.1)3k
17/01/98Fernand De Varennes Naturalisation Policies and Human Rights5k
16/01/98Francoise Girard Re[2]: FM Alert, Vol. II, No. 111k
15/01/98MINELRES moderator Programme on Improving Inter-Ethnic Relations in CEE3k
14/01/98Claude Cahn ERRC announcement of publication7k
13/01/98Andrei Arjupin Re: National Court in Estonia3k
12/01/98Britt Elliott Message forwarded from IGLHRC6k
11/01/98MINELRES moderator IHF HR newsletter2k
10/01/98Kurt Bantelmann Cosmosofy - Universal Ethics for more effective validation of human rights2k
9/01/98MINELRES moderator Re: FM Alert, Vol. II, No. 14k
9/01/98Allison Mindel FM Alert, Vol. II, No. 15k
8/01/98Felix Corley Chechens Harassed by Russian Law Enforcing Bodies6k
7/01/98Andrei Arjupin Amendments to the Law on Language in Estonia: further developments3k
6/01/98 Magda Opalski Fwd: New Web site: FSUmonitor.com2k
5/01/98MINELRES moderator OSCE Newsletter Vol.4 no.112k
4/01/98 Magda Opalski Fwd:: Int'l City Management Assn. Position Open 4k
3/01/98MINELRES moderator Last issue of Mare Balticum and a comment5k
2/01/98Panayote Dimitras On the Turkish minority in Greece12k