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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

February 2000

29/2/2000Natalie Belitser Paper on Interethnic Relations and Conflict Settlement in Crimea2k
29/2/2000Nicola Markes-Goerlach Press Releases on developments related to the Framework2k
28/2/2000Tanya Smith Joint statement on Chechnya, Russia2k
28/2/2000Lucian Branea Re: Data on minorities in Romania3k
26/2/2000MINELRES moderator Three more NGO reports on FCNM online1k
26/2/2000MINELRES moderator Data on minorities in Romania2k
25/2/2000MINELRES moderator This week on partner lists6k
25/2/2000Rainer Ohliger Call for papers: Migration History3k
24/2/2000William McKinney Web site of the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia2k
24/2/2000Rainer Ohliger Job vacancy at Humboldt University2k
23/2/2000CIPDD Georgia, Human Rights, December 1999 (excerpts)16k
23/2/2000RFE/RL RFE/RL Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine Report (excerpts)7k
22/2/2000RomNews Network Recent Romnews postings3k
22/2/2000Tanya Smith UNHCHR statement on Chechnya5k
22/2/2000MINELRES moderator State & NGO reports on FCNM available online3k
22/2/2000Dominique Arel ASN Convention: Preliminary Programme7k
18/2/2000Petra Kovacs Fwd: QUERY: Looking for good graduate school for Fulbright student3k
18/2/2000Aleksejs Dimitrovs Minority issues in Latvia, No. 126k
17/2/2000Judy Young Re: Prague's Jewish community2k
17/2/2000RFE/RL Fwd: RFE/RL Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine Report (exceprts)9k
16/2/2000Michael Brenner Fwd: Prague's Jewish community3k
16/2/2000Felix Corley UNHCR/OSCE release 4th Kosovo minority report3k
15/2/2000Anders Bengtsson Roma in Sweden - the right to Education2k
15/2/2000Petra Kovacs Conference: Minorities in a Pluralist Society5k
14/2/2000Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: Kosovo: Justice not being done4k
14/2/2000RomNews Network Roma demonstrate against continuing violence in Kosovo4k
12/2/2000Michael Brenner Re: Search for information resources1k
12/2/2000Petra Kovacs MMCP updates6k
12/2/2000John Petersen New NGO4k
11/2/2000Elena Karzetskaja Estonia: problems with residence permits7k
11/2/2000UNITED E-NEWS from UNITED4k
10/2/2000Nicola Markes-Goerlach Sweden ratifies the Framework Convention and the Charter2k
10/2/2000Jacqueline Kacprzak Re: Search for information resources2k
10/2/2000William McKinney Re: Search for information resources2k
9/2/2000International Helsinki Federation IHFs 5th Periodic Report (covering Oct-Dec 1999)4k
9/2/2000Maja Nazaruk Re: Search for information resources2k
8/2/2000Felix Corley Czech families from Kazakhstan2k
8/2/2000UNITED E-NEWS: European conference against racism4k
7/2/2000Michael Brenner Search for information resources1k
7/2/2000Pal Kolsto Call for project participants, Nation-building in Russia6k
6/2/2000Florian Bieber CFP: Graduate Student Conference on Kosovo4k
6/2/2000Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: New Azerbaijan NGO: Cooperation letter2k
6/2/2000RomNews Network RomNews info8k
5/2/2000Petra Kovacs New Publication: Mentoring Advice Pack by MRG London2k
5/2/2000TURKISH FORUM Fwd: Minorities and EU6k
4/2/2000Petra Kovacs Workshop "Interethnic Conflict Settlement in the Balkans"3k
4/2/2000CIPDD Human Rights: Georgia (excerpts)17k
3/2/2000European Roma Rights Center ERRC: Announcement of a vacancy - Legal Director5k
3/2/2000Felix Corley Turkish Ministry Demands Teaching in Turkish2k
3/2/2000Panayote Dimitras Re: Bulgaria's Turk minority seeks formal recognition2k
2/2/2000Felix Corley Bulgaria's Turk minority seeks formal recognition3k
2/2/2000Rafal Pankowski Polish anti-fascists under attack4
2/2/2000Greek Helsinki Monitor BETA-NEWS: Muslim parties discuss ways to bring democracy to Yugoslavia2
1/2/2000Farimah Daftary Re: Czech Republic: New Act on Residence of Aliens3k
1/2/2000Petra Kovacs Fwd: Minorities and Media: International Summer School in Vienna1k