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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

February 1998

28/02/98Allison Mindel FM Alert, Vol. II, No. 85k
28/02/98John Jaworsky PUBL.- Contrasts and Solutions in the Caucasus6k
27/02/98Panayote Dimitras Albanian Helsinki Committee condemns hate speech appeals3k
27/02/98MINELRES moderator Forced Migration Monitor - January 19984k
26/02/98Sergey Shurinov Conference in Crimea6k
26/02/98Federatia Liberala FL Political consulting service in EE & CIS2k
25/02/98Francesco Strazzari Re: Bulgarian Minorities in Macedonia6k
25/02/98Panayote Dimitras Serbian Helsinki Committee reports on minorities in FRY2k
24/02/98Wim van Meurs Labor unions & industrial relations in post-Communist transition5k
24/02/98Fernand De Varennes Re: UN HR Field Office in Abkhazia concerned about Georgian schools3k
23/02/98Felix Corley Council of Europe welcomes Russian Duma ratification4k
23/02/98Panayote Dimitras Re: Bulgarians of Macedonia: A First Approach2k
23/02/98Panayote Dimitras Bulgarians of Macedonia: A First Approach4k
22/02/98Allison Mindel FM Alert, Vol. II, No. 76k
22/02/98John Jaworsky Managing diversity in plural societies: Report on Ukraine9k
21/02/98Britt Elliott UN HR Field Office in Abkhazia concerned about Georgian schools5k
21/02/98Eldar Zeynalov Re: Inquiry on London EUROFOR conference2k
20/02/98John Jaworsky Citizenship issue in Crimea5k
20/02/98Francoise Girard Re: Makhuldyur project in Crimea2k
19/02/98Natalia Belitser Inquiry on London EUROFOR conference2k
19/02/98John Jaworsky Crimean Tatars: the citizenship problem3k
18/02/98Union Romani New Web Site for the Spanish Romani Union2k
18/02/98Kurtmolla Abdulganijew Re: Makhuldyur project in Crimea3k
17/02/98Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: EUROFOR conferences4k
17/02/98MINELRES moderator Transitions Vol.5 No.24k
16/02/98 Magda Opalski Re: The Makhuldyur project4k
15/02/98Natalia Ablova Meeting on Afghan Refugees in Central Asia: NGOs excluded5k
14/02/98Panayote Dimitras Press-Release: Bosnian and Serbian Helsinki Committees' Statement on Brcko3k
14/02/98Vladimir Mukomel Project on New Diasporas of Eastern Europe - Hungary, Ukraine, Russia4k
13/02/98Tanya Hassan Institute for Journalism in Transition: Positions offered3k
13/02/98International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights Press-Release: Open letter to Mr. Geremek, OSCE Chairman-in-Office, on Kosovo5k
12/02/98Britt Elliott Human Rights Defenders: Urgent Action11k
12/02/98Eldar Zeynalov Request for assistance to new minority NGO2k
11/02/98Roma National Congress Romnews Network: Roma segregation in Hungarian schools4k
11/02/98John Jaworsky Re: Makhuldyur project3k
10/02/98Allison Mindel FM Alert, Vol. II, No. 65k
10/02/98Helen Krag Re: Makhuldyur project in Crimea1k
9/02/98Renart Saranayev Makhuldyur project in Crimea7k
8/02/98Natalia Belitser hCa: Statement on the Peace Process in the South Caucasus5k
7/02/98Mikhail Charaev Information request2k
7/02/98Judy Young Website of the Hungarian Office for National Minorities2k
6/02/98Lili Cole Research and Exchange Program9k
5/02/98Anna Markina Fwd: CALLS FOR PAPERS - Slavic Review: "Ten Years: What Have We Learned?"3k
5/02/98John Packer Re: The Framework Convention takes effect today2k
4/02/98MINELRES moderator War Report and Transitions merged3k
3/02/98Claude Cahn Hungarian NGOs about Gyula Horn's statements on Roma 10k
3/02/98Allison Mindel FM Alert, Vol. II, No. 56k
2/02/98MINELRES moderator Minority definition (was Re: Czech Republic ratifies...)4k
2/02/98Judy Young Language legislation in Canada3k
1/02/98MINELRES moderator The Framework Convention takes effect today3k