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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

December 1999

22/12/99MINELRES moderator Merry Christmas!5k
22/12/99Petra Kovacs New MRG Publication on the Framework Convention2k
22/11/99Felix Corley UCSJ: Russian Duma Elections and Antisemitism6k
21/12/99Petra Kovacs Fwd: Plight of Azeri Minority in Russia11k
21/12/99Avinty Lanaikey IKEL website1k
21/12/99Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings10k
20/12/99Ales Bialiatski HR NGOs in Belarus3k
20/12/99Petra Kovacs New Book: Democratization and Ethnic Peace5k
18/12/99Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Talk Back Vol. 1, #9; 14 December 19995k
17/12/99Petra Kovacs MMCP Resource on Croatia after 19904k
16/12/99Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: International Congress on Human Rights in the Caucasus4k
16/12/99Petra Kovacs Fwd: New Internet discussion list on SE Europe2k
16/12/99Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings7k
15/12/99European Roma Rights Center Roma Rights 4/994k
15/12/99Aleksej Dimitrov Minority issues in Latvia, No. 117k
14/12/99Andrei Arjupin Conference on illegal residents issue in Estonia3k
14/12/99Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: UNHCR Update on North Caucasus6k
13/12/99Greek Helsinki Monitor Declaration of conference on Policies and Romani Women in CEE5k
13/12/99Katerina Pouliasi Fwd: Current research in the field of Migration on line2k
13/12/99Petra Kovacs ECMI panel on Roma and Education3k
10/12/99RFE/RL RFE/RL Watchlist: excerpts7k
10/12/99Zoltan Kali Re: Data on Identity in Eastern Europe3k
9/12/99David Kelly New book on linguistic human rights4k
9/12/99Marija Milosavljevic ANEM media update: Multilingual Pristina Radio Kontakt5k
8/12/99Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings11k
8/12/99Andre Kamenshikov North Caucasus NGO Monitor9k
7/12/99Petra Kovacs Call for papers: "Ethnic and National Minorities in CEE"7k
7/12/99Jesper Nielsen Minority Course 2000 for young Europeans active in NGOs5k
6/12/99Tim Potier New Article on Minority Rights in the Former Soviet Union6k
6/12/99William McKinney Re: Data on Identity in Eastern Europe5k
5/12/99Scott Orr Re: Data on Identity in Eastern Europe2k
5/12/99John Ginkel Re: Data on Identity in Eastern Europe2k
5/12/99Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter No. 1525k
4/12/99Petra Kovacs New book: The Road to War in Serbia: Trauma and Catharsis2k
4/12/99Samim Akgonul New book on Turko-Muslim minority in Thrace1k
3/12/99IFEX International Freedom of Expression eXchange email list4k
3/12/99William McKinney ECMI Report #5: Insular Regions and European Integration4k
3/12/99Greek Helsinki Monitor CEDIME-SE: Country Reports on State's Compliance with the Framework Convention3k
2/12/99Petra Kovacs Call for papers: Practices of Exclusion: Xenophobic Movements and the State5k
2/12/99Lucian Branea Re: Data on Identity in Eastern Europe2k
2/12/99Greek Helsinki Monitor CEDIME-SE: Minorities in Bulgaria2k
1/12/99Petra Kovacs MMCP updates11k
1/12/99Nicola Markes-Goerlach Press Release: ACFC visits Hungary5k