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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

December 1998

23/12/98MINELRES moderator Merry Christmas!2k
22/12/98Bruno Coppieters Fwd: Caucasian Regional Studies: Georgians and Abkhazians4k
22/12/98Besnik Pula Albanian Studies Discussion List3k
21/12/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Kosovo: IHF and RSF denounce Serb threat to Albanian media6k
21/12/98Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol II, No. 505k
20/12/98CIPDD Geopgian press digest: excerpts 4k
19/12/98Felix Corley Czech Conference on Media and Xenophobia3k
19/12/98Mentor Cana Fwd: NAAC Press Release: Clinton Shifts Kosova Policy5k
18/12/98HR Center of Azerbaijan Fwd: Symposium on psycho-social impacts of violent conflict and population displacements3k
18/12/98Farimah Daftary Re: Ukrainians and Russians in Romania1k
17/12/98Felix Corley Russian Jewish leadership on worsening climate8k
17/12/98Rafal Pankowski Poland: Music Against Racism2k
16/12/98Denise Roman Re: Ukranians and Russians in Romania1k
16/12/98Michael Shafir Re: Ukrainians and Russians in Romania6k
16/12/98Lucian Branea Re: Ukranians and Russians in Romania2k
15/12/98Farimah Daftary Ukranians and Russians in Romania2k
15/12/98Isobelle Jaques ECRI report on anti-racism laws in Council of Europe member states4k
14/12/98Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol II, No. 496k
14/12/98Telman Yolchiyev Fwd: Fellowships at Central European University3k
13/12/98Valeri Kalabugin Open letter on Estonian citizenship debate4k
13/12/98Burkhard Luber GGN Special: Kosovo On-Line10k
11/12/98CIPDD Georgian digest: excerpts4k
11/12/98MINELRES moderator New Latvian language draft law2k
10/12/98HR Center of Azerbaijan OSCE will open its offices in Baku and Yerevan6k
10/12/98CIPDD Georgian digest: excerpts3k
8/12/98Mentor Cana Kosova Liberation Army stands firm for full independence9k
8/12/98Greek Helsinki Monitor Greece-Macedonia: Astonishing Improvement of Relations11k
7/12/98Felix Corley The National Minorities Convention enters into force for Russia5k
7/12/98Paulette Layton FM Alert, Vol II, No. 48 December 4, 19986k
6/12/98MINELRES moderator List matters3k
6/12/98Pavel Antonov Advocacy Project: News from the HR Defenders Summit4k
5/12/98Konstantin Zahharov Integration server in Estonia1k
5/12/98Erin DeOrnellas New Web Site: Public Interest Law Initiative in Transitional Societies4k
4/12/98Felix Corley Armenian Kurds Mark Jubilee of Kurdistan Workers Party2k
4/12/98Alexander Ossipov Meskhetian Turks in Krasnodar: part 311k
3/12/98Andrei Arjupin New amendments to Estonian Law on Language4k
3/12/98Alexander Ossipov Meskhetian Turks in Krasnodar: part 26k
2/12/98Alexander Ossipov Meskhetian Turks in Krasnodar: part 113k
2/12/98Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings6k
1/12/98Dragan Antonov INFOMAC Daily News Service2k
1/12/98Andrei Arjupin Last news regarding language litigation in Estonia4k