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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive


24/12/97MINELRES moderator Merry Christmas!2k
24/12/97Allison Mindel FM Alert, Vol. I, No. 60 & No. 615k
23/12/97Claude Cahn ERRC Letter to the Parliament of Italy5k
22/12/97MINELRES moderator Transitions: the latest issue3k
21/12/97 Magda Opalski Fwd: Grants to develop NGO Resource Centers in Russia5k
20/12/97MINELRES moderator WarReport: last issue2k
19/12/97Allison Mindel FM Alert, Vol. I, No. 595k
18/12/97Eldar Zeynalov Re: Georgian press about human rights5k
15/12/97Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Georgian press about human rights2k
15/12/97Amnesty International The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: An unfinished revolution6k
12/12/97Natalia Ablova Request for proposals: Case Study Writing Grant9k
11/12/97Hanne-Margret Birckenbach Re: Anti-discrimination legislation in Germany?2k
10/12/97Allison Mindel FM Alert, Vol.I, No.585k
9/12/97Andy Skreija Eastern Europe & e-mail2k
8/12/97Bruce Grant Fwd: Soyuz Conference: Out of the Ruins, Columbia U, March 19984k
7/12/97Andrei Arjupin Amendments to the Law on Language, Estonia6k
6/12/97Pamela Kilpadi Forced Migration Alert: last two issues4k
5/12/97Ina Zoon Re: Anti-discrimination legislation in Germany?2k
4/12/97New Europe On-line "New Europe Online"2k
3/12/97Natalia Ablova Leader of the Opposition of Kazakhstan Severely Beaten in2k
2/12/97Panayote Elias Dimitras November AIM article12k
1/12/97David Canek Anti-discrimination legislation in Germany?1k