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(g) B3-0153. 0182 and 0218/92


on the political rights of minorities in Albania

The European Parliament,

A. having regard to the provisions or the Paris Charter, the decisions of the CSCE bodies and its own earlier resolutions on the observance of the human and political rights of minorities in Europe,

B. whereas the Greek minority in Albania is officially recognized in International Treaties and by the Albanian Government itself,

C. whereas the organization `Omonia' party, representing the Greek minority, participated in the first free parliamentary elections in Albania and five members were elected to the Albanian parliament,

D. having regard to the commitments to human rights made by the Government of Tirana in order to be accepted as a full member or as observer in many European organizations and, in particular, the European Community.

1. Expresses its grave disquiet at the recent modifications to the electoral law, which have resulted in the exclusion of political minority organizations from the electoral process

2. Calls upon European Political Cooperation to make strong representation to the Albanian Government and Parliament, to ensure that the new electoral law being drafted allows political parties to form and operate freely without discrimination against minorities

3. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, EPC, the governments of the Member States and the Albanian Government.

Thursday, 13 February 1992

Published: Official Journal of the European Communities, No C 67/147, 16.3.92