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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

August 1999

31/8/99Matyas Szabo Budapest CRC session on Nationalism and Roma Issues8k
31/8/99European Roma Rights Center Job announcement - Legal Director3k
30/8/99RFE/RL EU and Roma asylum-seekers7k
30/8/99Greek Helsinki Monitor IHF: Letter to Greek PM on MFA and National Minorities4k
29/8/99Kemal Seitveliev Information request: Russian-language sources3k
29/8/99The Advocacy Project Special Announcement: On the Record in Kosovo6k
28/8/99Ruediger Benninghaus Query: deportation of Laz2k
27/8/99Pal Kolsto New book on ethnopolitics in Latvia and Kazakstan6k
27/8/99Francesco Palermo New book on Kosovo3k
26/8/99Greek Helsinki Monitor OSCE's van der Stoel on National Minorities in Greece7k
25/8/99RFE/RL RFE/RL: Senators Call for Cooling Relations with Lithuania6k
25/8/99Nicola Markes-Goerlach ACFC visit to Finland5k
24/8/99European Roma Rights Center ERRC Hungary: Report on Meeting with Chief of Police3k
24/8/99Craig Zelizer Free Lists for Job Postings, Scholarships, ETc.3k
23/8/99CIPDD Georgian press digest: excerpts6k
23/8/99Eldar Zeynalov CERD on Azerbaijan10k
22/8/99Queen's Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity Newsletter No. 14, August 199914k
22/8/99International Helsinki Federation "Kosovars Must Stand Up for Justice and Human Rights For All"9k
21/8/99Greek Helsinki Monitor SCGM's Interethnic Children's TV Program in Macedonia7k
21/8/99Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings4k
20/8/99Igor Savin Kazakhstan: Walk for Peace and Tolerance2k
20/8/99Laura Laubeova Tolerance, Respect and HR: Search for key note speakers3k
19/8/99Susan Brazier Residence Registration in Moscow: New Rules, Old Practices18k
19/8/99Farimah Daftary New Publication: Autonomies Insulaires3k
18/8/99Petra Kovacs Virtual library announcement2k
18/8/99Erik Andre Andersen Russian minority in Estonia2k
17/8/99Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Azerbaijan's refugees: caught between politics and dwindlingaid5k
17/8/99Marius Urbelis Re: Fwd: Lithuania: Close Pabrade detention camp5k
16/8/99Maja Nazaruk 1999 Seoul International Conference of NGOs28k
15/8/99CIPDD Georgian press digest: excerpts5k
14/8/99Avinty Lanaikey Visa-Free International2k
13/8/99Gjorgji Jovanovski International training seminar for Nonviolence - Ohrid 19993k
13/8/99Greek Helsinki Monitor HRW: Harassment and violence against Serbs and Roma in Kosovo7k
12/8/99Federation of Turkish American Associations Fwd: Azerbaijan may Compromise Over Karabakh9k
12/8/99Eldar Zeynalov ICVA's CIS Conference Report3k
11/8/99MINELRES moderator Poland: Language problems10k
11/8/99Jonathan Cohen Re: New publications2k
10/8/99MINELRES moderator New publications3k
10/8/99Onnik Krikorian First World Conference On Yezidism2k
9/8/99Felix Corley Romania's Ukrainians slowly enhance identity8k
9/8/99Andre Kamenshikov North Caucasus NGO Monitor - July 19998k
8/8/99Olga Lazin American Human Rights Abuses in Romania Revising the the Consulate's Attitude6k
8/8/99European Roma Rights Center ERRC: Letter to Prime Minister of Italy on Kosovo Roma5k
7/8/99CIPDD Georgian press digest: excerpts7k
7/8/99Roma National Congress Recent Romnews postings7k
6/8/99Lucie Richterova Czech Helsinki Committee Report1k
6/8/99Timothy Raeymaekers Job search3k
5/8/99International Helsinki Federation IHF Open Letter on Uzbekistan9k
5/8/99European Roma Rights Center ERRC Letter to Joint World Bank/European Commission Office for Southeast Europe6k