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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

April 2002

30/4/2002Ariel Eliyahu New Website: Roma Problems in South East Europe1k
30/4/2002Julia Sant'Anna Brazilian journalist interested in information on neonazi attacks on minority groups in Europe2k
29/4/2002UCSJ Bigotry Monitor: Volume 2, Nos 15, 16: content5k
29/4/2002Felix Corley MN: Moscow, a City of Ethnic Diversity6k
28/4/2002MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists5k
28/4/2002Igor Pimenov Minority Education in Latvia: 2nd Conference of Parents (2001)10k
27/4/2002AYLU Punishment for Misuse of Language in Azerbaijan2k
27/4/2002Paula Eck-Walters Council of Europe: Five new ECRI reports4k
24/4/2002Keston Institute Keston News Service Summary: Armenia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Moldova & Uzbekistan13k
24/4/2002UCSJ Bigotry Monitor: Volume 2, Number 14: content3k
23/4/2002MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists13k
23/4/2002European Roma Rights Center ERRC: Lawsuit Against Segregation of Roma in Croatian Schools5k
17/4/2002MINELRES moderator MINELRES will be silent till next week1k
17/4/2002Roma World Congress II Roma World Congress4k
17/4/2002Cathal Sheerin INTERIGHTS Vacancies10k
17/4/2002Philosophy Forum Citizenship, Democracy and Ethnocultural Diversity, No. 24: excerpts20k
16/4/2002Aleksejs Dimitrovs Minority issues in Latvia, No. 4824k
16/4/2002Andrei Arjupin Opinion of Advisory Committee on FCNM on Estonia published4k
15/4/2002Ariel Eliyahu European Roma Information Office in Brussels4k
15/4/2002Mediafax Romania: Ethnic Minority Briefs No.310k
14/4/2002MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists16k
14/4/2002Ustiben Six Die on Roma Nation Day3k
13/4/2002Stefan Wolff The Global Review of Ethnopolitics: Vol. I, no. 3, March 20022k
13/4/2002Felix Corley JRL: Ethnic categories in 2002 Russian census7k
12/4/2002UCSJ Bigotry Monitor: Volume 2, Number 13: content4k
12/4/2002Alexander Ossipov Memorial: Statement on the Meskhetian Turks in Krasnodar5k
11/4/2002Mercator Mercator Working Paper No 6: Minority Languages of the Russian Federation3k
11/4/2002Mediafax Romania: Ethnic Minority Briefs No.29k
10/4/2002Michael Guet Roma internship scheme5k
10/4/2002Alexander Ossipov Meskhetian Turks are on the brink of expulsion10k
9/4/2002Keston Institute Keston News Service summary: Azerbaijan & Russia13k
9/4/2002Florian Bieber Fwd: Book Review: Morison, Ethnic and National Issues in Russian and East European History, reviewed by Dragos Petrescu8k
8/4/2002Marat Baratashvili Press release on deportation of Meskhenians from Kuban3k
8/4/2002William McKinney New ECMI Reports On-line2k
7/4/2002MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists9k
6/4/2002Stephen Humphreys EUMAP's New Articles on Gay Rights5k
6/4/2002MINELRES moderator Publication: Ethnic Monitoring and Data Protection. The European Context9k
5/4/2002Rainer Ohliger Call for Papers: History - Migration - Anthropology4k
5/4/2002Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Conference on Violence, 12 to 16 August 2002, Prague4k
4/4/2002Nils Muiznieks New Report on Human Rights in Latvia in 20013k
4/4/2002Jeremy Freeman Human Rights Fellowship Opportunity12k
3/4/2002Joost van Beek 'Multicultural Skyscraper' newsletter on Media Advocacy Work for the Roma in Bulgaria4k
3/4/2002Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia: Radicalization of the Vlach Problem3k
2/4/2002Aleksejs Dimitrovs Minority issues in Latvia, No. 4728k
2/4/2002Madalina Radutoiu Romania: Ethnic Minority Briefs9k
1/4/2002IUMA Moldova Appeal of minority NGOs from Moldova13k
1/4/2002Dominique Arel ASN Convention 2002: Film Lineup16k