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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

April 2001

30/4/2001Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: CFP: Uyghurs in the Twenty-First Century4k
30/4/2001Rainer Ohliger Berlin scholarships: population studies2k
29/4/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists14k
29/4/2001European Roma Rights Center Desegregation: Joint press release of the OSI, ERRC, BHC, and HRP7k
28/4/2001Josif Tychina Roma/Gipsy Data Base Center Lithuania4k
28/4/2001Ariel Eliyahu Romani News from Ukraine - Appeal for support3k
26/4/2001Eldar Zeynalov Talysh autonomy: "Echo" response to the publication in5k
26/4/2001Sander de Boode Enquiry: Russians in Kyrgyzstan2k
25/4/2001Anna Korhonen Research training course on nationalities4k
25/4/2001Laurie Wiseberg Second session of the Open-Ended Working Group2k
24/4/2001Felix Corley Ethnic Russians leaving Azerbaijan8k
24/4/2001William McKinney ECMI Activities Update No. 6, 5 April 200112k
23/4/2001Greek Helsinki Monitor Special Web Page: Racial Profiling: The US experience with universal relevance2k
23/4/2001Felix Corley Cossack commander denies anti-Armenian mood in Russia's Krasnodar2k
21/4/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists11k
21/4/2001Nils Muiznieks New publication: Human Rights in Latvia in 20003k
20/4/2001Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: Internethnic Relations in Macedonia: Joint Statement by IHF and Helsinki Committee of Macedonia6k
20/4/2001RFE/RL RFE/RL on Russian policies towards small indigenous peoples4k
19/4/2001Hal Culbertson Kroc web update - April 20015k
19/4/2001Aleksejs Dimitrovs Minority issues in Latvia, No. 287k
18/4/2001Petra Kovacs Fwd: RFE/RL: Latvian President Says Language Requirements for Media May Change3k
18/4/2001Nina Schenk Summer Academy "Regions and Minorities in a Greater Europe", South Tyrol, September 20016k
17/4/2001Mehmet Tutuncu New Book announcement: Turkish Jewish Relations5k
17/4/2001Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: RFE/RL on minority developments in Croatia and Serbia4k
16/4/2001Gerard Rowe HR Summer Course Announcement: Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, September 20015k
16/4/2001Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: RFE/RL on minority developments in Romania4k
15/4/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists12k
14/4/2001MINELRES moderator New on MINELRES: Collection of minority related national legislation3k
14/4/2001Anca Elisabeta Ciuca Web site for NGOs in SouthEastern Europe4k
13/4/2001Greek Helsinki Monitor Fwd: MILS: Macedonian and Greek Minority to Boycott the Census in Albania3k
13/4/2001Martin Demirovski News paper article about Roma in Macedonia3k
12/4/2001Greek Helsinki Monitor Re: FCNM Shadow Report on Macedonia1k
12/4/2001Cristian Urse Query: law on minorities in Serbia1k
11/4/2001Nicola Markes-Goerlach FCNM: adoption of four additional opinions2k
11/4/2001Magdalena Syposz MRG Training on Minority Rights and Advocacy9k
10/4/2001Vadim Poleshtshuk Publication online: ECMI Baltic Seminar, December 2000: Accession to EU and National Integration in Estonia and Latvia1k
10/4/2001Ariel Eliyahu The 30th Romani National Day: 8 April 20018k
9/4/2001RomNews Network RNN: Articles, Reports, New Feautures6k
9/4/2001Laurie Wiseberg Call for articles on racism and refugee policy3k
7/4/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists12k
7/4/2001Rebecca Abraham Publication on the peace process in Tajikistan6k
6/4/2001Zinaida Pinteac Alleged violations against Romanian teacher in Ukraine9k
6/4/2001Felix Corley Russia: The Pogroms have already started8k
5/4/2001Ion Cretu Letter to OSCE HCNM on Romanian community in Ukraine5k
5/4/2001European Roma Rights Center ERRC welcomes report on access to public services19k
4/4/2001Albert Musliu FCNM Shadow Report on Macedonia2k
4/4/2001William McKinney Re: Query: Status of Roma in Turkey2k
3/4/2001Roy Freed Query: Status of Roma in Turkey2k
3/4/2001MINELRES moderator New PER reports: "Albanians as Majorities and Minorities" and "Roma in Macedonia"2k
2/4/2001Eldar Zeynalov RFE/RL Caucasus Report Vol. 4, No. 13: Meskhetians6k
2/4/2001Ariel Eliyahu Romany Organization in Ural region of Russia2k
1/4/2001MINELRES moderator This week on COMIR partner lists11k
1/4/2001GaŽtan De Moffarts Re: Urgent query on Azeris in Armenia today6k