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MINELRES-L Mailing List Archive

April 2000

30/4/2000Center for Policy Studies Job announcement: EU Accession Project Director4k
29/4/2000Yevgeniy Zhovtis Human Rights in Kazakhstan, issues 2, 3 (excerpts)6k
29/4/2000UNITED Training courses offered by the Council of Europe5k
28/4/2000Nadezda Smeritsevskaja Roundtable on Integration in Estonian Society4k
28/4/2000RFE/RL RFE/RL on minorities in Russia5k
26/4/2000Rusudan Gujabidze Human Rights Library in Georgia asks for help3k
26/4/2000Eldar Zeynalov New info sources on funding human rights2k
24/4/2000MINELRES moderator This week on partner lists11k
24/4/2000Paul Van Cappellen German minorities in Eastern Europe1k
21/4/2000European Roma Rights Center ERRC Press Release: Planned Expulsion of Roma from Belgium7k
20/4/2000Transitions Online New at TOL6k
19/4/2000European Roma Rights Center Strasbourg Application by Roma Challenges Racial Segregation7k
19/4/2000Aleksejs Dimitrovs Minority issues in Latvia, No. 147k
18/4/2000Yevgeniy Zhovtis Newsletter on Human Rights in Kazakhstan (excerpts)5k
18/4/2000Eldar Zeynalov Minority rights in Azerbaijan: letter to the UN HR Commission20k
17/4/2000MINELRES moderator This week on partner lists6k
15/4/2000Legal Information Centre for Human Rights Human Rights in Estonia6k
14/4/2000Alla Skvortova Looking for colleagues1k
14/4/2000Laura Laubeova Public Discussion on Minorities Protection in Europe2k
13/4/2000RomNews Network Romnews information from the 3rd till the 10th of April6k
13/4/2000Nicola Markes-Goerlach Council of Europe Website for Minority Issues2k
12/4/2000Pavel Antonov Media scandal in Sofia because of controversial video on Chechen war3k
12/4/2000Eldar Zeynalov Azeri separatist leader may be pardoned as his health worsens2k
11/4/2000Deborah Russo National minorities in Armenia and Azerbaijan2k
11/4/2000Mischa Gabowitsch RUS-NAT: new list on Russian nationalism2k
10/4/2000Maria Kolb Open Letter to 56th Session of UN Commission on HR re. Russia3k
10/4/2000Eldar Zeynalov Fwd: Developments in Javakheti3k
9/4/2000Tatjana Peric ERRC Press Statement: International Roma Day 20006k
9/4/2000MINELRES moderator This week on partner lists7k
8/4/2000Catherine Cosman The Guardian: Gypsies and Human Rights7k
8/4/2000Nadir Kamaldinov Reseach on Islamic Family Law4k
7/4/2000Pavel Antonov Soldiers´ Mothers Report on Human Rights' Violations in Chechnya3k
7/4/2000Ibrahim Underwood Re: Language Issues in CEE Region1k
6/4/2000Transitions Online Language Issues in CEE Region9k
5/4/2000RFE/RL Multicultural University in Romania Given 'Green Light'3k
5/4/2000Paul Lawrence Give & Take: A Journal on Civil Society in Eurasia, the Spring Issue5k
4/4/2000RomNews Network RomNews: Articles from the 22nd of March till the 3rd of April6k
3/4/2000Dominique Arel ASN Convention/Final Program Now on the Web7k
3/4/2000Dominique Arel Post-Doctoral Fellowship Announcement3k
2/4/2000MINELRES moderator This week on partner lists6k
1/4/2000International Helsinki Federation Kyrgyzstan: "Bolshevik-style" Arrests and Threats4k