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Adopted 3 July 1996

Amended according to Laws of Ukraine
#642/97 of November 18, 1997;
#783-XIV of June 30, 1999

This Law determines the underlying principles of advertising activities in Ukraine, regulating legal relations ensuing from the process of development, dissemination, and receipt of advertising material.


Article 2. Scope of Application

1. This Law shall govern legal relations in terms of advertising meant to be disseminated and used in the territory of Ukraine.

2. This Law shall not extend to legal relations in conjunction with information reflecting social events, interests of political parties, religious, and volunteer [public] organisations, which information may or may not be geared to promote them.


Article 6. Advertising Language

The language of advertising campaigns shall be determined by the Laws of Ukraine On Languages in Ukraine; On Information; On Printed Information (the Press) in Ukraine; On Television and Radio Broadcasts, and by other legislative acts of Ukraine relating to this sphere, as well as by [relevant] international treaties and agreements.

Duly registered trademarks and company logos may be provided [quoted] in the language of the original.

Article 7. Advertising Principles

The following shall be the main advertising principles:

Legitimacy, accuracy, authenticity, use of the official or other languages in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, use of forms and means not damaging to the consumer morally, physically or mentally.

Article 8. General Advertising Restrictions

1. The following shall be prohibited to advertise:

Information about products whose production or sale is banned under the laws of Ukraine;

Disseminating allegations that are discriminatory in terms of [ethnic] origin, social or property status, race or national belonging, sex, education, language, religious affiliation, occupation, place of residence, as well as information that can discredit other persons’ products;


Leonid Kuchma, President of Ukraine
City of Kyiv, July 3, 1996

Source: Unofficial translation