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The Slovak Republic

Act No. 300/1993 Coll.
on Names and Surnames

(The Act has been adopted on 24 September 1993)

Amended by Act No. 154/1994 Coll., effect from 1 July 1994

Section 1

(1) The name of a person, who was born in the Slovak Republic, is determined by the agreement of the parents; in case that such an agreement was not made, the name of the person shall be determined by the judicial decision.
(2) If one of the parents is not known, the name of the person shall be determined by the proclamation of one of the parents. If none of the parents is known, the court shall determine the name of a child based on the initiative of the district office in which registry the registration about birth of a child is performed.

Section 2

1. Any person born on the territory of the Slovak Republic may be given, in the manner and under conditions stipulated in Section 1, more than one name including foreign names, but no more three names. The parents have an obligation to co-operate with the district authority when entering the names to the registry.


Common and final provisions


Art. 17

This Act takes effect as of 1 January 1994.

Source: Unofficial Translation